Panaad sa Negros: Bamboo bikes and other crafts Featured

Panaad sa Negros: Bamboo bikes and other crafts

When the month of April arrives, cities all over Negros Occidental start to prep up their crafts and also the best that they can showcase to the nation. April is the month of Panaad celebration.

To give you a little background, The Panaad sa Negros Festival, also called simply as the Panaad Festival (sometimes spelled as Pana-ad), happens every month of April, in Bacolod City.The word Panaad ( Hiligaynon word) means "vow" or “promise". The festival itself is a form of a religious thanksgiving to the divine for the good life. It also goes back to the tradition of making promises to the Christian God of doing a good deed in exchange for maintaining safety in the family and the whole community. The venue of the celebration is at the Panaad park, with the prominent Panaad Stadium where games are held annually. There are 13 cities and 19 towns participating in this event. And because of this, the Panaad is dubbed as "mother" of all Negros festivals.

I was just cycling along early in the morning when I passed this interesting exhibit (see pictures above). The caretaker related the curing and crafting of the bamboo stalks. They also made sure that everything stands the test of time. Now what really caught my attention was the exhibit in the middle of the shed. They’re all bicycles made of bamboo frames. There’s even a helmet that is a good match if you happen to be riding the bike. I weighted the frames to get the feel of their textures. They’re light and strong. They are also reinforced by an inner frames to withstand the beating if you happen to take your bike to a much more competitive kind of riding. I love the fixed gear frames because I am currently riding a fixed gear bike. I am sure these bikes would look good both in rural and urban areas. It’s very zen and very hipster-ish- if you are into such things...

Thanks to the Bayawan Bambu Initiative.

Design by Jo Ann D. Arguelles

Manufacturer Stephen Sueta

Contact: 639294141173

Text and pictures by Baxter Labatos

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