Ableton’s new website will teach you the basics of making music Featured

Ableton’s new website will teach you the basics of making music

Learning Music is a set of lessons you can take anywhere.

Ableton has launched a new website that aims to teach anyone the basics of making music, whether you own its Live software or not.

Learning Music is a free set of lessons on all the fundamental concepts, including beats, notes and scales, chords, basslines and song structure. The website is interactive, giving you Ableton Live-style clips in browser to practise on.

Ableton even uses real songs as examples, breaking down tracks like Beyoncé’s ‘Single Ladies’, Bob Marley’s ‘Get Up, Stand Up’ and Robert Hood’s ‘Ride” to demonstrate how the key concepts work.

There’s also a section that Ableton calls “The Playground”, which allows you to experiment with all the techniques and create tracks. You can even export your finished music to Ableton Live.

The site is one of several intiatives from Ableton to make it easier to make music. In 2015 it published a book of creative strategies for artists, and earlier this year it launched a bite-size video tutorial series, One Thing.

Ableton’s annual summit for music makers, Loop, returns this November. Try Learning Music here.

By Scott Wilson-Factmag

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