The cost of protecting the Trump family

"It’s not easy or cheap," as per estimates gathered by The Washington Post

Early reports from the nation's capital paper have stated that President Trump and his family would supersede what it cost to protect former President Barack Obama and his family by 'hundreds of millions of dollars.'
According to Judicial Watch, a well-known conservative group that kept track of Obama's travel expenses, an estimate of $97 million was spent during the former president's eight years in office.
The period under report has set forth an example of just four weeks into the 45th president's term.

Enumerated below are but a few examples thus far:
· 3 trips to Mar-a-Lago in Florida since the Trump inauguration, may have cost about $10 million, based on a government report from October that provided an analysis of the White House travel which includes expenses on the cost of US Coast Guard patrol boats on the shoreline.

· Palm Beach County officials announced how they will request reimbursement of tens of thousands of dollars per day from the White House, for their deputies who provided “security and logistical support around the city.”

· Police officials have provided estimates on what it would cost New York $500,000 a day or $183 million a year, to guard Trump Tower, where First Lady Melania Trump and the ten-year old Barron Trump live.

· Secret Service and embassy employees paid some $100,000 in hotel room bills during a trip to Uruguay by a Trump son, Eric. Reportedly, he went to that South American city where he
promoted a "Trump-branded building."

· Should the Pentagon successfully secure rental space in Trump Tower -- "needed" when the president returns to New York -- it would cost $1.5 million per month, per information received from the building's website according to news reports.

Meanwhile, New York City's Police Commissioner James P. O'Neill has sought reimbursement through New York's congressional delegation: the amount of $24 million to guard the Trumps and Trump Tower during the past months (between Election Day, November 8, 2016, and Inauguration Day, January 20, 2017).

To set forth the City's original estimate: $35 million. Figures mentioned for the security of the First Lady and son: $127,000 to $146,000 per day to protect them.

Should Trump himself be in New York City, police department estimates have provided a daily expense report of $308,000.

It is far from a difficult try by any financial analyst to state the extent needed to sum up an expert opinion on what it means to protect the president and his family.

A commentary that stands out: "It's costing a fortune to protect the Trump family."

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