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If there is one man who can steer the Trump presidency to steadier waters, newly appointed White House chief of staff John Kelly could be it. There is little question that the current administration has been sailing very rough seas for the past six months.
The retired general from the US Marines – he has four decades of service behind him – cuts an impressive figure and it certainly looks as if he is precisely what the doctor ordered for President Trump, who has little to show after more than six months as POTUS.
One reason that Mr. Trump’s administration has seemingly been going nowhere is the fact that he has too many advisers who can come and go to the Oval Office as they please. There are other factors, of course, but at least Secretary Kelly is expected to bring the discipline he learned as a marine to good use.
Nowhere was this more clear than when he was able to convince the president to get rid of the Mooch as head of the White House communication team.
From Day One, it was clear that Anthony Scaramucci had no business being communications director for Mr. Trump. No one expected him to be a diplomat, but no one foresaw his becoming so openly antagonistic to so many members of the president’s cabinet either.
Scaramucci could never have gotten along with a professional soldier like Kelly and his 10 days as communications director must stand as one of the shortest terms of office of any high official in modern times.
We can only hope that the calming influence the new chief of staff has will rub off on everyone in the White House, including and especially Mr. Trump.
Unfortunately, there are limits to how much Secretary Kelly can accomplish, given Mr. Trump’s management style. At the very least, he should be able to end the free flow of visitors to Mr. Trump. Now, anyone who wants to see the president for whatever reason will have to pass through the general. This may not sit well with those who consider themselves so close to Mr. Trump as to be his virtual alter ego like strategist Steve Bannon, son-in-law Jared Kushner, or even oldest son and namesake Donald Trump Jr.
Anyone other than someone with a lot of military experience would easily wilt under the pressure cooker situation at the White House, which is why John Kelly is the perfect executive to take care of the day-to-day business of handling the official affairs of Mr. Trump.
What we do not want to happen is for the president to refuse the necessary discipline that comes with his appointment of Mr. Kelly, thereby forcing his second chief of staff to quit.
Unlike Reince Preibus who was more politician than administrator, and was therefore doomed to fail, Secretary Kelly does not look like the type who will try to please anyone and everyone that heads for the Oval Office.
We can only wish him well and hope he helps the president become a true chief executive of our great country.

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