Safeguards in place for DACA 'Dreamers' Featured

Safeguards in place for DACA 'Dreamers' Image: Scrapping of DACA must be addressed properly, the ILRC said in a press conference this week. (From Left) Ryan Khojasteh, Edwin Carmona-Cruz, Mario Paz, Hong Mei Pang, Sally Kinoshita Photo by Truth Esguerra

SAN FRANCISCO -- Illegal Immigration Allies discussed on August 30 in San Francisco the safeguards for the "Dreamers" who are affected by the inevitable end of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

With the Trump Administration announcing the end of DACA last Tuesday, the ILRC, the Immigration Legal Resource Center, has provided advice for undocumented immigrants who are on edge with their citizenship status.

According to the ILRC, Employment Authorization Documents (EADs), also known as work permits, are generally valid until they expire or the government demands they be returned. If an undocumented immigrant is allowed to keep their work permit, they have the right to work legally until its expiration.

The ILRC explained that employers have no right ask its workers if they are DACA recipients. Employers do not have the right to fire or put an employee on leave until the work permit is expired.

The ILRC advised the Dreamers to apply for a Social Security Number, a driver's license and other identification cards. According to the ILRC, SSN are valid numbers for life despite the expiration of DACA or one's work permits.

Also, the ILRC urged the undocumented immigrants to know their rights. They are advised to exercise their constitutional rights to not open their doors to immigration agents and answer any of their questions.

Despite the rescinding of DACA, President Donald Trump gave an opportunity for Congress to revise their own bill to protect the Dreamers within six months.

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