Editorial: Should she or shouldn’t she? Featured

Editorial: Should she or shouldn’t she? Photo by Annie Liebovitz
When Hillary Rodham Clinton ran for president last year, she was widely expected to beat her Republican opponent, real estate magnate Donald Trump, thereby becoming the first woman to become President of the United States.
In fact, she did win the popular vote. She bested Mr. Trump by some three million votes, but sadly for Mrs. Clinton, the US presidency is not won by the popular vote but by the Electoral College vote.
That more Americans voted for her rather than the Republican candidate who still ended up in the White House was not necessarily an empty victory. She had broken the glass ceiling and paved the way for a time when gender will no longer be an issue with the electorate, and the US will elect a qualified woman to lead the country.
If former President Barack Obama was able to break the racial barrier, then why not a woman to break the gender barrier?
Mrs. Clinton now appears to be reconsidering her stand to retire after her loss last November. We daresay that if she were to run again against a re-electionist Trump in 2020, the former First Lady, senator and Secretary of State would win by a landslide.
This is because the Trump presidency is as awful as had been feared, not just by Democrats but even by a good number of Republicans as well as a growing number of ordinary citizens who have lost all faith in the current chief executive. Mr. Trump’s popularity has sunk so low that if elections were held today, he would be wiped out the way Lyndon Johnson obliterated Barry Goldwater back in 1964.
Mrs. Clinton, however, may not be thinking of running in 2020, but of possibly claiming the presidency sooner. She has now raised doubts regarding the legitimacy of the Trump presidency following the latest revelations by the team of special counsel Bob Mueller. 
It would appear that the noose is tightening on the associates of Mr. Trump where collusion with the Russians is concerned.
If Mueller can prove that the Russians had interfered in the 2016 elections to the extent that the final results were affected, then Mrs. Clinton could indeed lay claim to be the true POTUS.
Under a worst case scenario – at least where Mr. Trump is concerned – the results of the 2016 elections can be invalidated. This means that not only will the incumbent be removed, Vice President Mike Pence cannot succeed him.
This, however, can cause a political crisis of humungous proportions. The Republican Party will not stand idly by while they lose control of the executive department.
Just how far Mrs. Clinton is willing to go is not yet clear. She knows that Mr. Trump will likely take extreme actions as she prepares to claim what she feels is rightfully hers. Everything now depends on what Mueller is able to unearth where Russian collusion is concerned.
If the special counsel uncovers a huge can of worms, Hillary Clinton may yet have reason to celebrate what happened last year.
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