Was Trump right to bomb Syria? Featured

Was Trump right to bomb Syria? (Photo: Associated Press)

It was not actually an unpopular move, given the gristly videos of Syrian civilians being gassed by their own government. What’s worse, a number of the fatalities were children, infants included.
The world watched in horror as scenes of men, women, and children dying painful deaths was shown on the news and in the internet.
It was for this very reason that President Donald Trump ordered an airstrike last week on the Syrian air base that intelligence sources said was the source of the deadly sarin gas attack of the previous week.
Even non-believers in the US president had to applaud his decision and his emotional reason for authorizing the launch of 59 missiles on the air base that resulted in a few casualties, but also an estimated 20 percent of the Syrian air force being destroyed.
In the days that followed, however, critics began to raise questions on whether Mr. Trump’s action was legal. It was, in effect, an act of war and Congressional approval is needed for the US to declare war on a foreign nation. The POTUS received no such approval.
This raises the age-old question of whether what is moral justifies action that may not be perfectly legal.
As leader of the free world, Donald Trump has a responsibility not to act as global policeman, but as defender of the oppressed, including and especially those begging for his help. And there is no question that the citizens of Syria are among the most oppressed people in the planet. To put it bluntly, their President Bashar Assad is a tyrant who would do anything to remain in power, including murdering his own people by the tens of thousands, for simply refusing to support his regime.
The only reason he has not been kicked out is the support he gets from Russia.
While it is not clear if Russia was aware of the gas attack, or worse, if Russian forces were involved, it is now in their best interest to rethink their position vis-à-vis the Assad regime. Assad may be their boy, but it is in Russia’s best interests to distance itself from such a madman. It would not be unthinkable for who ever replaces Assad to want to maintain Syria’s close relations with the former superpower, given its proximity to the nation.
Syria afterAssad may still opt to stick with Russia, but the action of the US president to hold their insane leader to account for the genocide he perpetrated against his own people will not be forgotten.
That Syria still possesses chemical weapons is beyond question. This was the type of banned weapon that Assad used on his own people. This, after the country had earlier agreed to destroy its stockpile of chemical weapons.
There may have been no legal justification for Mr. Trump’s order to launch the missile salvo, but at the very least the strongest message possible has been sent toAssad and his ally Russia. The killing of innocent civilians, toddlers and infants included, cannot continue. Not in Donald Trump’s watch.

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