North Korea’s desperate situation Featured

North Korea’s desperate situation

North Korea and its leader Kim Jong Un have no one to blame but themselves for their worsening global isolation. Only a certified fool or madman would threaten the rest of the world with nuclear war, which is precisely what Kim and his cabal of like-minded generals have being doing of late.
There is little doubt that the country’s economic and political survival is highly dependent on China, which has long tolerated the hermit kingdom’s intransigence.
Indeed, their logic is difficult to comprehend. North Korea insists on developing its nuclear arsenal because it insists that a US and South Korean invasion is imminent.
In fact, it is South Korea that should be prepared for a North Korean invasion. Between the two, the former is an economic powerhouse, while the latter is essentially an impoverished state, albeit with a huge military of more than a million troops.
With the recent suspension of imports of coal from North Korea – one of the country’s primary sources of export earnings -- China sent a signal that they have finally gotten tired of Kim’s sabre rattling.
There are other bad signs. Last week, flights between Pyongyang and Beijing were suspended for lack of passengers.
Meanwhile, diplomatic relations with Malaysia, one of the very few countries that has “normal” relations with North Korea, took a downward turn when a brother of Kim was assassinated in Kuala Lumpur airport, apparently at the behest of an unnamed and unknown North Korean spy.
Finally, US President Donald Trump took the threats of thermonuclear war against the US and its allies more seriously and sent a fleet of warships off the coast of North Korea. The message was loud and clear. Launch an attack on any of the friends of the US or even on the US mainland itself, and the retaliation will be swift, brutal and total.
Kim may or may not have a handful of nuclear warheads at his disposal, but the US has hundreds, perhaps thousands. If he believes he can win a nuclear war with the US, he is absolutely delusional. This is as good a reason as any for the Trump administration to adopt a policy of doing everything possible to remove Kim as head of state.
The North Korean leader derided as a “fat kid” had no training in governance, merely taking over the reins of power when his father passed away. He seems to think that leadership is a game of which there will be no consequences if he commits a fatal error in judgment.
Kim and his cabal have brought the world to the brink of nuclear war, one which will have no true winners. But the North Korean leadership insists on not only staying the dangerous course it has been taking for decades, but upping the ante.
Sometime soon, something has to give. Either Kim will do the unthinkable and launch a nuke, thereby assuring the destruction of his state, or he will be forced to back down and eventually resign.
Either way, the fate of the Kim family that has ruled North Korea since inception is assured. Their time will soon be over.

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