Lascañas still willing to testify vs. Duterte despite Singapore trip Featured

Lascañas still willing to testify vs. Duterte despite Singapore trip Photo: GMA News

Despite leaving the country,r etired Davao City cop and self-confessed hitman Arturo Lascañas on Tuesday said he was still ready to testify against President Rodrigo Duterte even before the International Criminal Court (ICC).
"Handa pa rin akong tumestigo sa kahit na anong proceeding kung kinakailangan, sa impeachment man o sa ICC. Tapos na rin po akong magbigay ng statement sa Ombudsman," Lascañas said in a report by Jam Sisante on"24 Oras" on Tuesday.
"ICC is always an option byFLAG (Free Legal Assistance Group) for the govt's responsibility for EJKs(extra-judicial killings)," said Atty. Arno Sanidad, one of the legal counsels of Lascañas.
"We cannot however confirm whether FLAG intends to file or simply support the ICC if it independently and on its own undertakes action on EJKs in the Philippines," he added
Lascañas silently left the country over the weekend as he received threats that a lawsuit would be filed against him and that people were looking for him.
Bureau of Immigration spokesperson on Monday Antonette Mangrobang told GMA News Online that Lascañas presented to immigration officers a plane ticket which indicated April 22 as his return date to Manila.
The BI official said the ticketi ndicated Singapore as port of origin.
Meanwhile, Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre said if Lascañas will not return, he may be considered as guilty.
"Let us see whether he would return; otherwise, 'yung kanyangpag-alis will be considered as flight and flight is a sign of guilt,"Aguirre said.
Lascañas earlier corrobated the claims of self-confessed killer Edgar Matobato who implicated then-Davao CityMayor and now President Duterte in the killings of suspected criminals in the city through the so-called Davao Death Squad.
The former cop said they were paid by Duterte up to P100,000 depending on their target. — GMA News

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