Duterte likens self to ‘pragmatic’ Trump Featured

Duterte likens self to ‘pragmatic’ Trump

DOHA – US President Donald Trump may have been receiving a barrage of criticisms but at least he reaped some praises from President Duterte, who has likened himself to Trump.

Speaking before the Filipino community here on Saturday, Duterte said Trump was similar to him as both of them can think profoundly even if they appear to be brash.

“Trump is a realist and a pragmatic thinker,” Duterte said.

Duterte said Trump would not have become a billionaire if he were stupid.

“Trump is profound even if he does not seem to be one. Just like me, I am not that bright but I am very deliberate,” he said.

“Talagang pinag-isipan bago kita murahin (I really think it over before I curse at you).”

Duterte then narrated his phone call with Trump after the American billionaire won the presidential race.

He recalled how Trump had told him that “I was doing right” in the fight against illegal drugs.

Last January, Duterte said he shared a lot of similarities with Trump, who assumed the US presidency that month.

“Look at his inaugural speech. He will stop drugs. Gago din! We’re not different. He will really kill you,” Duterte said.

Duterte has been likened to Trump because both of them are fond of issuing inflammatory statements and provocative remarks, which their respective spokespersons and Cabinet officials later clarify and interpret.

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