3AF Joins Asian Federation of Advertising Associations

In an effort to expand beyond the United States and connect with advertising organizations in Asia, the 3AF recently joined the Asian Federation of Advertising Associations (AFAA). AFAA is an international association for the development and support of the advertising industry of Asia. The federation aims to promote, protect and develop advertising within the context of conditions and varying cultures prevailing in the Asian region.  AFAA members get a special rate to attend AFAA’s various events, including DigiAsia, a digital marketing Congress, and AdAsia, the bi-annual conference hosted by a different member country every two years.  In December, Doris Huang, 3AF board member, and Jay Kim, 3AF President attended DigiAsia 2018 in Taipei and was part of the AFAA general meeting. Later this year, Jay Kim will be participating in AdAsia 2019, to be held in Lahore, Pakistan and the International Advertising Association World Congress in 2019 in Kochi, India. Kim said, “So much creativity comes out of our sister agencies based in Asia. It’s critical for the 3AF to expand beyond the U.S. and be connected internationally with our global counterparts. I look forward to representing 3AF this year at AFAA’s events.” For more information, go to www.afaaglobal.org