A bully boy hogs the news

Sometime last week, a video was posted on social media that quickly went viral. The video showed a short kid beating up a taller albeit defenseless fellow student inside a restroom while a few classmates watched.

The place was eventually identified as the inside of the Ateneo de Manila campus in Quezon City, and the boy was found to be a 14-year-old taekwondo champion. Other videos showed the little bully doing worse to at least two other fellow Ateneans.

Altough the boy’s name would eventually be released to media, I am not identifying him for the simple reason that he is a minor. He may be a despicable bastard, but that’s all on his parents who clearly did not raise him well. His parents have been identified as Mr. and Mrs. Montes.

Headlines refer to the bully as the “Ateneo kid,” and that’s good enough.

The short vids must have touched a chord in the general public, as reactions came fast and furious, mostly negative. Mass media and local politicians picked up the story and gave their two cents’ worth.

There was much to be disturbed about what had been happening at the Ateneo campus, seemingly without the knowledge of the school’s officials.

Blamers pointed their fingers at the Ateneo, the kid’s taekwondo instructors, his father and mother, and anyone else who had a say on his training and upbringing.

Former Philippine ambassador to Washington and now Foreign Affairs Secretary TeddyboyLocsin even said that the parents of the bullied kids should take the law into their own hands and teach the boy a lesson he will never forget, even implying that the kid should be maimed or paralyzed.

For its part, the exclusive school in Katipunan held a quick investigation and decided to kick him out effective immediately. The term used was “dismissed” instead of “expelled.” Had he been expelled, the kid could never enroll in any private or even public school in the country.

In the old days, he could have transferred to a school called St. Martin, which had a reputation for disciplining difficult cases. The school no longer exists though. One possible choice is the Far East Military Academy, also in Quezon City, where the bully can learn the value of discipline, or else get his ass kicked by upperclassmen.

Meanwhile, the Philippine Taekwondo Association also voted to ban him indefinitely.

And in a related development, a video was posted on Facebook that showed the kid’s older brother being beaten up just outside the Ateneo campus.

I initially said that he probably didn’t deserve it, but was later informed by a reliable source that the kuya was just as bad as the Ateneo kid. It seems that the older brother had been kicked out of San Beda, but still managed to find his way to the Ateneo.

It is not known if the big brother will also be forced to leave the exclusive school, or if he will opt to stay and possibly face further beatings due to the shame that his kid brother had brought to the school.

Anyone who has seen the videos will feel sorry for the victims.

If the bullying had been done to my kid, I would agree wholeheartedly with TeddyboyLocsin. The only way to prevent future bullying is to stop him now.

As an inside story, it is possible that the Ateneo acted quickly because one of the victims, who had to be hospitalized with a broken nose, turns out to be close to one of the country’s taipans.

The bully’s family is also supposed to be well connected, this time with the family of a former president.

A relatively credible source, former Local Government Secretary RaffyAlunan, said that the father of the bully was a rogue cop, a scalawag whom he reassigned to Mindanao during his time in government.

This was denied by the Philippine National Police, who said that as far as they could tell the father was never a cop and was actually in the medical or healthcare profession.

Whatever the father may be, it is clear that he cannot avoid the blame for raising such an awful twit of a son. The kid’s mother is also to blame. In fact, she posted on Facebook that she and her husband would raise their kids their way. No apologies for all the harm he has done.

Whatever happens to the now ex-Ateneo kid, one thing’s for sure. If he doesn’t clean up his act, sooner or later he will run into someone who will teach him a lesson that he deserves. Sooner or later, someone will beat the living daylights out of him.