Well, that would be 2118.  And if science would favor me to have a longer lifespan, I would be 164 by then.  My eldest child would simply be 136. Of course, to live that long is pure speculation.  With so many dangers, threats and viruses dominating the landscape of our environment, it would only be pure luck to have a lengthier life.   Besides, there is no record in humanity that broke the record of that man, Jeanne Louise Calment from France who passed away at the age of 122 years and 164 days.  That was the longest according to Guinness.  Man’s lifespan averages 75 for men, 85 for women according to World Population Data.  I would be happy to reach 90, that is, if I still could properly determine my surroundings.

A hundred years from now however is only a short stretch unlike before.  Time in ancient time was almost infinitesimal. It takes more than a century for science to advance a single discovery.  Communication was barely nature based.  Knowledge was fledging behind religion and information restricted only among the so called infidels.   But now, man can easily determine time zones and could exactly compute and define with accuracy any period even in a thousand years.  Data on almost everything is bursting almost everywhere.  There is even an app to check how one would look like a century hence!  One can send a message instantly from across the globe without spending a cent.

There is more excitement, more adventure, and more interesting things to do at this time.  One can even predict the kind of technology man would apply and possess in the future.  The intensity of happiness and force of satisfaction is greater than those 100 years ago, make that a thousand years more.  Technology gave man the edge and the advantage to achieve a full life.  Everything can be defined using virtual reality, as if there is nothing in restricted reality that cannot be attained.

Research is several folds as an exercise where fun meets pleasures, where knowledge is at a click of a mouse or even at the behest of our retina.  Generating ideas using the internet is several times the speed of sound.  The search for knowledge induces the seeker to gain more insights.  Man becomes more analytical and his evolution into a nerd is just a few advanced features in that gadget he is using.  Modern man is exactly what he would be a hundred years from now.  Even those we derisively refer to as tribal folks would project the same posture as our ordinary cellphone bearer today.  Our evolution is conducted not only a slow, one additional centimeter after another, motion but through leaps and bounds.

Man can clone himself, duplicate his feats through robotics and even reach the farthest planet if he wishes.  He can already compute and stretch out logarithms in determining the earth’s relationship with its universe.

Knowledge whether complex or simple can be googled anytime, anywhere, anyhow.  Anything the mind wishes to comprehend and understand can be simplified by referring to Youtube.  Different Apps are sprouting to make living a fascinating adventure and there are a number more to come.  Man’s creativity knows no bounds.

Relationships from personal to marital, from organizational to social would experience a break through as a result of technology.  That piece of creativity pursued by Bill Gates and Steve Jobs in the 1990s brought man’s penultimate future to his doorstep.  From what they have started, universe has shrunk and man’s lifespan becomes not only predictable but intellectually wholesome.  At best, man’s consciousness has transgressed eternity.  There is only one challenge left for him to address and reckon:  immortality.

In the museum of the past, a century from now, not only bones or fossils or great works of art or earthshaking inventions will be featured but profiles also of ordinary run of men, yes, including us and our loved ones.  That is right.  Our names, common as it may seem, our very expressions, even transgressions, will be preserved whether we like it or not.  We are not only a part of history when the future arrives but a constant reference of its denizens.

By then, we have known and named almost every living thing in the only corporeal planet in the vast part of universe we are posted.

That is what makes the future, the next hundred years if you may, an exciting period not only in the life of man but on life in general on earth.