A private matter made public

It is the rare human being who does not engage in sex, be it for procreation or for pleasure. Or for any other legal or illegal reason, for that matter.

Sex is necessary for the continued existence of the human race, as well as most living things.

Yes, there may be a tiny fraction of the world population who do not engage in sexual activity of any kind. They may be monks or nuns, or have physical or mental conditions that prevent them from partaking in the single greatest pleasure in human existence.

No objections so far, I presume?

There are many things that can be discussed about sex. Some may be absolutely true, or completely false. Example: Men hit their sexual peak at 18, while women hit theirs at 40.

Does this mean that the best sex ever should be between a young man and a middle aged woman? I honestly do not know.

So why am I discussing sex here?

Simple. Last week, a well-known musician was found to have made a sex video and it went viral. Some poor fools made a big deal out of it because that musician also happens to be politically active. He is a sworn enemy of the pro-Duterte camp and the video gave those enemies ammunition to trash the guy.

That guy, incidentally, is Jim Paredes, one-third of the now disbanded Apo Hiking Society, who had hit after hit for decades. Paredes was co-writer of almost all the songs of the trio.

Initially, Paredes denied that it was he on the video. But he later admitted that it was indeed him, adding quite rightly that it was a private matter never intended for public consumption.

For the record, I do not personally know Jim Paredes although my older brother happens to be married to a Paredes. I believe they are cousins.

I happen to have grown up listening to the music of Apo, which means that I am only a couple of years younger than Paredes and company. They may be Ateneans, but that did not stop this La Sallite from enjoying their songs. Many have become classics.

After so much brouhaha, I decided to comment on the Paredes affair in my Facebook page. What I wrote was simple. I said that what Paredes did was something that 99 percent of men did, and anyone who denied it was a hypocrite.

What was supposedly shown in the video – I haven’t seen it myself and have no intention of searching for it –was Paredes sticking his tongue out and masturbating. There. I said the dirty word. He was masturbating. He was jacking off. He was beating the meat. I can go on and on, but you all get the gist.

My take was that there was nothing wrong with what he did. What was wrong was that someone was able to access the video and post it in social media.

What’s worse was that some pro-Duterte boys and girls spread the video. If they were not aware of it, what they did is a crime, a cybercrime under Philippine law.

Unfortunately, my little comment received a lot of flak, mostly from people whom I do not know. I was insulted by these strangers and called bobo, among other things.

My first impulse was to engage them in their game. I can trade insults with the best and worst of them. But I had second thoughts, and finally decided I would only be wasting my time.

See, after Facebook closed almost all the sites that were little more than Duterte mouthpieces, the Dutertards as they are called ended up having no place to rant and rave and claim that their idol is the greatest Filipino ever. Now they are stuck having only their paid selves to exchange sophomoric thoughts with.

As for Paredes, I hope that he takes legal action against those who spread his private video over social media. Those poor, pathetic trolls need to be taught a lesson. They think they can hide under assumed names, but they are not aware that they can be traced. The NBI can do it, but I doubt if they will because the bureau is under the Justice department, whose head is loyal to Duterte and not to the Philippines.

Hopefully, a lesson was learned by all concerned. As for sex, my only advice is to enjoy it. But dispense with the videos, ok?