A transparent presidency

His “talkalese” according to daughter, currently Mayor of Davao City, Inday Sarah Duterte, should be taken less seriously albeit even discounted as something like an ordinary expression bereft of sentiment or romance.  You may even laugh at it, she said.  At best, regard it as witty, she would hastily add.  She emphasized further, “better take note of how he works instead.”

So there you are old school listeners, the vast sea of listening conservatives, let us look at the works than the talks.  The expression walk the talk is not relevant here.

His political stock like a rock star ascended because of his campaign promises.  If elected and if he cannot control crime and bring peace and order to the table, he will step down in six months. That was of course, “talkalese.”  Now, take note of how he works.  He started literally with a bang.  He was grim when he ordered that illegal drugs must stop at all costs.    Suddenly, the low life began to decimate on its own.  There was a sudden drop in felonies.

On the public service front, hewould replace questionable personalities in the bureaucracy.  There were immediate changing of guards and as soon as the ship of State set sail, the steel component on the hand of national leadership would begin to manifest.  He would see to it that his main policy are pursued doggedly so that in his perception, this would eventually rid the country of wrongdoing, restore economic stability and push the country on the road to prosperity.  War on drugs, battle against corruption, and scuffle on irregularities in and out of government became the standard order of the day.

There were set backs though.  There were “pasaways” all over.  They merely oppose for the mere sake of opposing.  There is emptiness in their arguments and divergence.  The inordinate Filipino cultural weakness of “kunsinte” and indifference would interfere at times even in every defined rule rendering inoperativeproper observance of the laws.  Sadly, there were the usual backsliders from his Homefront.  Even if he appointed those he trusted but abused their posts, he would still malign, embarrass them in public and would pull them out from where they perched.  Under his regime, no one is untouchable.  The Presidency, like that of his mayoralty in Davao, imposes the same norm:   nobody misuses the power of their calling.

It can be said that the President is never beholden to anyone—godly or otherwise.  He projects this expressively. Honest work, for the Presidency, is always the reward for everything.  It would be the hallmark of his leadership.  Honesty must be spelled on every transaction, be it simple or complicated.  A transparent Presidency requires this virtue as a matter of course in the government service, both in the uniformed and civilian agencies.

And where will this lead the country?  In Democracy, everything is fair game in the name of freedom.  In the words of Alexis de Tocquevile, a French political scientist, “democracyseeks equality in liberty.”  Only a country with disciplined and highly advanced State apparatus can achieve this so called equality or fairness in everything.  While in the other countries, there were forms of leadership exercised to effect positive changes—through flexing martial or theocratic muscles, imposing restraints, servitude and a host of related socio-cultural limitations, the Duterte administration is showcasing another approach:  that of frank, candid and sincere public service.  And from the looks of it, there are hitherto positive changes unfolding as far as commitment and competent performance is concerned without deviating from traditional democratic principles.

Call Duterte administration as tactless, full of innuendoes and a period with lots of swearing but the country is moving towards the right direction.Democracy is never threatened.  Politics has been redefined no longer as synonymous to compromise but more on straightforward services.  At this time, there is a marked respect in government and trust in the national leadership.

Truly, this would constitute as a pragmatic contribution of the Philippines in the global stage and praxis ofgovernance.

I know.  For years I was behind him when he was still a Mayor of Davao.  And I was chief of Davao Penal Colony.