A warning that we must not ignore

An intergovernmental panel on climate change that met in South Korea last week came out with a report so gloomy that it almost seems like the stuff of Hollywood blockbuster disaster movies.

Unfortunately, what the report says is based on unquestionable scientific facts. And if its conclusion doesn’t scare all the leaders of the world to take immediate and drastic action, then nothing else can or will.

In short, the 728-page document says that unless radical steps are taken now, then the world as we know it will be heading towards disaster so monumental that a point of no return will be reached within this lifetime, by the year 2030. That’s only a dozen years away, we must point out. When that point is reached, the deadly weather disturbances that we have been experiencing lately will pale compared to what is to come.

As the world heats up, such weather disturbances as storms, typhoons, and hurricanes, will occur regularly, even as heat waves cause countless fatalities as well as loss of livestock and plant life. Earthquakes and tsunamis will likewise ravage country after country, including those which had never experienced such destructive acts of nature in the past.

As an example close to home, in the last couple of weeks, two deadly storms ravaged the US causing billions of dollars in damage and a still unknown toll on human life. Tens of thousands of Americans lost much of their properties.

What is terrifying is that the number of killer storms has grown over the past few decades with no end in sight to the yearly increase.

The scientists who met in Incheon, South Korea, warned that planet Earth is warming at such a fast pace that the polar ice caps are already melting causing seas to rise. At the same time, potable water sources are also beginning to dry up.

It is not just the stuff of disaster movies, it is the stuff of living nightmares.

The worst part is that the UN panel all but concluded that the world’s leaders do not have the political will to set aside their differences in order to address a crisis that affects every man, woman and child on our world.

Let us never forget that the US withdrew from the Paris Accord on climate change at the behest of President Donald Trump, who still seems to believe that global warming is pure fantasy rather than deadly reality.

Yet that Paris agreement was already considered insufficient to fully address global warming.

We have to ask what the scientists are asking: If not enough was done in the recent past to address a problem that has long been known, what can humanity expect now that the problem is worsening?

The scientists who worked on the report are not too optimistic that world leaders are capable of taking all the action necessary to remedy the situation. But if such action is not taken, then planet Earth will, as one of them said, enter an “unprecedented climate future.”

We have been warned.