Alexander Lee reaches out to Heart Evangelista after her miscarriage

Korean actor-singer Alexander Lee said he had reached out to his former My Korean Jagiya co-star Heart Evangelista when news of her miscarriage became known to the public last June.

According to Alexander, the last time he saw Heart was at a work-related event before she lost her baby.

“Personally, I know how it feels like when you wanna have alone time. But I texted her…

“And all I truly believe is in God’s timing.

“When it’s the right timing, when God thinks it’s correct, that’s the time when she’ll be a mom.

“So, I hope she won’t be sad and disappointed.”

Alexander remained optimistic for Heart, who had taken a sabbatical from social media from June 6 to June 22.

He added, “Honestly, in my personal thinking, her life is too perfect.

“This kind of thing is just gonna make her more strong and make her more like a human, right?

“Now, she’s like a Disney princess. Oh my Lord! So blessed, with a nice family, so talented, so ganda, so everything.

“I mean, this thing will just make her stronger, I believe.” (Philippine Entertainment Portal) interviewed Alexander at the media launch of his new album with Korean rapper Marucci called AXM, which refers to their initials Alexander X Marucci.

The media conference was held at K-Pub BBQ restaurant at Trinoma Mall in Quezon City earlier today, July 16.

Asked if he hopes to do another Kapuso TV series with Heart, Alexander replied, “I’ve always wanted to work with her again.

“’Cause working with her, it’s not just working. I’ve learned so much from her about showbiz, about life.

“She gave me so many advice. She’s a very mature sunbae, senior.”