Aligned against abuse

DALY CITY, Calif. – October is designated as Domestic Violence Awareness Month in the United States.  October is also Filipino American History Month.  And as they enter their 15th year of advocacy, the all-volunteer nonprofit ALLICE Alliance for Community Empowerment is staging their 14th Annual Free From Violence presentation and health fair 5-7:30 pm, October 12, at the Colma Community Center.

Consul Gen. Henry S. Bensurto Jr

The Town of Colma, the Philippine Consulate General and Asian American Recovery Services-Healthright 360 are principal sponsors of the free and open-to-the-public event to engage Filipino Americans against intimate partner and family abuse.

Mayor Rae Gonzalez
Supervisor David Canepa

Consul General Henry Bensurto Jr., San Mateo County Supervisor David Canepa and Colma Mayor Rae Gonzalez will call the community to action by learning about the issue and taking responsibility for the safety of their neighborhoods. Public and private resource providers will consult about their free services.

Frances Dinglasan
Lloyd LaCuesta

Media icons Lloyd LaCuesta and Frances Dinglasan and Asian American Recovery Services – Healthright 360 will receive commendation for outstanding contribution to the ALLICE mission.

Clara and Julia Tempongko


At the heart of the program is the testimony of Clara and Julia Tempongko, mother and sister of Claire Joyce Tempongko, who was stabbed to death by her ex-boyfriend on Oct. 22, 2000.  They will share their story of grief, healing and hope.  They turned their loss into purpose by speaking up so that others – survivors, perpetrators and providers – may know how to get and give help.

The event opens with the Family & Health Care Resource Provider Fair at 5 pm, with some 15 public and private agencies available to discuss their free services with attendees.  The program proper begins at 6 pm., when consultations will be suspended and resume at 7 pm after the program.

It will culminate with the recitation of the Pledge to help Domestic Violence penned by ALLICE for their premier presentation in 2004.

The Kumares & Kumpares, as ALLICE members call themselves, found each other in 2003 as a component of CORA, the only domestic violence service agency in San Mateo County.  Together they engaged individuals and groups to collaborate by sharing resources to mount events to educate the public about domestic violence: why it happens, how it happens, and how to get help in such situations.

In 2009, the Kumares & Kumpares went independent and adopted the name of their honorary chair, pioneer organizer, Alice Bulos.  Sans funding, they managed to sustain their objectives of 2 events every year.  In the spring, they highlight interaction with elders; in the fall, they focus on intimate partnerships.

The cause called concerned citizens of every background.

Anastacio Junior Flores

Venture capital executive assistant Allen Capalla, AARS-Healthright 360 program director Anastacio “Junior” Flores, marketing executive-turned-Baby & Boy Pastries chef-owner Bettina Santos Yap, Alameda County claim examiner Edna Murray, nurse practitioner/ County Commission on Aging Commissioner Elsa Agasid, Marin County Behavioral Health & Recovery Services Director Dr. Jei Africa, Fred Finch Services marriage and family therapist Jennifer Jimenez Wong, Bank of the West Vice President Jose Antonio, Colma Vice Mayor Joanne Del Rosario, Holy Child & St. Martin Episcopal Church Pastor Rev. Leonard Oakes, neighborhood activist Lina Susbilla, Kaiser care coordinator/registered nurse Malou Aclan, Rev. Mark Reburiano, Kaiser marriage and family therapist Nan Santiago, certified public accountant/paralegal Nellie Hizon, community advocate Ofie Albrecht, marriage and family therapist/life coach Paulita Lasola Malay, advertising and promotions principal Sarah Jane Ilumin, and health commissioner Teresa Ferrer complete the current team.

Longtime and new allies Philippine News, Philippines Today, Positively Filipino,, Holy Child & St. Martin Episcopal Church, Lucky Chances, Moonstar, Cafe Savini, Noah’s Bagels, Hapag Filipino, Kuya’s Asian Cuisine, Guy Guerrero, Ray Satorre, Francis Espiritu, Kumare Elsa Agasid, Baby & Boy   Pastries, Kumare Ofie Albrecht, Bernard Simon Jr., Becca Schatz, Joaquin & Matias Moreno are donating resources to stage the event.

A raffle drawing will take place to reward attendees for their participation.  For more information visit***

PNews Editor at Large Cherie M. Querol Moreno is founder and executive director of ALLICE.