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SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – ALLICE Alliance for Community Empowerment, the nonprofit dating and domestic violence prevention organization based in Daly City, is holding its 14th Annual Free
From Violence health fair and presentation 5-7:30 pm, October 12, at the Colma Community Center. The Town of Colma, the Philippine Consulate General and Asian American Recovery Services-Healthright 360 are principal sponsors of the free and open-to-the-public event.

Calling themselves Kumares and Kumpares, ALLICE members have diverse backgrounds and talents that power their united effort to educate about healthy relationships.

“One of the strengths of ALLICE is its members – a group of passionate and socially aware individuals from different sectors of the community, with different perspectives yet are connected by a common mission, to help create healthy relationships,” said Dr. Jei Africa, ALLICE clinical director and Marin County Director of Behavioral Health & Recovery Services.

Together they propound that no one should deal with abuse in secret or alone. It takes a well informed and educated community to recognize abuse, know how to handle it, and provide appropriate support and resources to those suffering in troubled relationships.  ALLICE’s mission is to build understanding of domestic violence and promote healthy interaction through education.

I should know: I’m this year’s ALLICE vice president and a family nurse practitioner. I’m also a survivor of domestic violence.

Ten years after leaving an abusive relationship, I was still in the process of healing.  I knew I needed to move forward with my life and so on March 15, 2010, I joined ALLICE Kumares and Kumpares with the desire to draw from my experience help make a difference in the lives of other survivors.  What I did not know was that I was embarking on a remarkable journey that would transform me and my life.

Healing although personal never happens alone or in a vacuum.  It happens when we allow ourselves to be vulnerable and learn to trust, particularly the help we receive from others.

As a health care professional, I found this was a very difficult lesson for me to learn.  It was far easier to be in the position of helping others than it was to face the fact that I needed help, to trust that others might be able to give me the kind of support I needed.

For the longest time, I didn’t feel “good enough” or deserving of love. Only when I allowed myself to relate to others authentically did I find I was accepted just the way that I was, even with all my imperfections.

My fellow Kumares and Kumparesthis year areventure capital executive assistant Allen Capalla, AARS-Healthright 360 program director Anastacio “Junior” Flores, marketing executive-turned-Baby & Boy Pastries chef-owner Bettina Santos Yap, journalist/community educator/County Commission on Aging Commissioner Cherie Querol Moreno,  Alameda County claim examiner Edna Murray, nurse practitioner/County Commission on Aging Commissioner Elsa Agasid, Marin County Behavioral Health & Recovery Services Director Dr. Jei Africa, Fred Finch Services Supervisor marriage and family therapist Jennifer Jimenez Wong, Bank of the West Vice President Jose Antonio, Colma Vice Mayor Joanne Del Rosario, Holy Child & St. Martin Episcopal Church Pastor Rev. Leonard Oakes, Kaiser care coordinator/registered nurse MalouAclan, Rev. Mark Reburiano, Kaiser marriage and family therapist Nan Santiago, certified public accountant/paralegal Nellie Hizon, community advocate Ofie Albrecht, marriage and family therapist/life coach Paulita Lasola Malay, advertising and promotions principal Sarah Jane Ilumin, and health commissioner Teresa Ferrer.


Some of us are single, most are married. We are born and naturalized Americans, straight and not, always young at heart. We welcome each other’s individuality and embrace our desire to model the importance of patience with ourselves, self-love and self-forgiveness. This is how being part of ALLICE Kumares and Kumpadres has transformed me and helped me on a path of healing and living a happier and healthier life.

To ensure the quality of twice-yearly presentations and health provider fairs, ALLICE mandates continuing education on intimate partner violence as well intensive interpersonal skills on healthy communication and relationships.

Lessons learned come to the fore from Kumares&Kumpares, participating agencies, public officials, advocates and survivors who bravely share their stories at these events that are free and open to the public.

This year marks the 15th anniversary of ALLICE. Leading the celebration are longtime donor allies
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