An Independent Run for the Presidency in 2020? Who is Howard Schultz?

The notion has been dubbed “a folly.”  The very recent announcement  by the former CEO of a coffee chain

has been met with speculation so underscored: Strains of Donald Trump?



Former Starbucks Chief Executive Officer Howard Schultz’s proclamation about moving into an independent run for the presidency has been received with mixed opinions, mainly voiced by Jeff Greenfield, a sensible newsman/journalist..

Greenfield’s immediate reaction:  “What exactly, explains why a billionaire former CEO of a coffee chains thinks he can launch an independent run for president in 2020?”

The aforementioned Schultz’s announcement provoked some speculations: One based on the false promise that “a successful business career suggests presidential timber.”

A stark reminder surfaces which has surfaced loud and clear:  “It’s the same myth” that “gave us Donald Trump, after he played “a firm, decisive business leader on The


As the storyline on The Apprentice went on and on, audiences started to criticize what that aforementioned show was all about: The main character was Trump himself.

The emphasis was incessantly meant to falsely display how a business executive ran his manifold business enterprises and had that lengthy movie of the same go on for the longest time. That same movie was the subject of many a critic on what it was angling at.

Realistically, the movie over time didn’t show how the real work was performed in Washington.  It hardly depicted any skills or brains relevant to understanding how Congress, government, and politics work together toward a successful outcome that would prove critical to pushing and moving policies throughout the system.

There was an unrealistic and unfortunate aspect of that same show depicted on television.

Sadly, Supreme Court rulings have indicated “allowing unlimited political spending.”  It was highly noted how that same judiciary “opened the door for billionaires to finance national campaigns,”

in the delusional belief they can serve as saviors to “an alienated majority.”

What has proven true and correct in the realm of historical reality is that third-party candidates always get far fewer votes than the Republican and Democratic nominees, as borne

by post election records.

The speculation in the event Schultz runs and receives three (3) percent of the vote, that outcome might prove a “disaster” for the Democrats.

Why? Is the query?

The negative would tip critical swing votes to Trump who started his re-election plans most early enough, as soon as he was sworn in as the 45th president.

Time has proven, how, each time, an independent run for the presidency, is “the triumph of arrogance over wisdom.”

As proofs have surfaced (and more probably will be added on the Trump presidency, “government officials are constantly scrambling to use federal resources in vain attempts to turn the president’s lies into truth.”

Past records prove how certain government officials have exerted so much effort which commenced right after Trump was inaugurated.  Trump demanded that the National Park Service prove the new president’s claim that his crowd was larger than President Obama’s.

How Trump himself set up a now disbanded federal commission in aiming to prove that voter fraud was rampant was one of his long-heard gripes; how he ordered his aides to lie to justify his claim that thousands of Middle Easterners had been arrested at the Mexican border likewise became another well-disseminated Trump statement.

One of the most egregious lies was cited by news sources was when Trump got White House officials to put forth a “doctored video” to make it look as if Cable News Network (CNN) reporter Jim Acosta had manhandled a young female staffer.

Much more “reverse engineering” took place after Trump repeatedly claimed that sex traffickers had smuggled scores of helpless women bound and gaged with duct tape in windowless vans across the southern border.

Now that the 2020 election scene is drawing much closer, how much more will a Howard Schultz candidacy compile multiple rounds of what a presidency exemplified by Trump show?

Thus far, with the number of Democratic hopefuls getting longer and longer, Year 2020 will invoke more details of what it will entail to mount a presidency.

Will there be other candidates from another political group/organization aside from the principal parties?

It is close to the middle of 2019, it won’t be surprising to see more and more aspirants to the election of 2020.

The voter will be undertaking a crucial decision by the ballot box.