APOGLA’s new president sworn in; highest award presented

Former APOGLA President and Board Chairman Dan E. Nino receives the Dr. Librado I. Ureta Award, the highest award given to an APOGLA member with a track record and continuous tenure in the organization, and who exemplifies the fraternity’s three cardinal tenets of Leadership, Friendship and Service. Nino is flanked by his wife Myrna, DomsTunque, the 2017 awardee and Awards Committee chairman for 2018, and past awardees.
Alpha Phi Omega Greater Los Angeles officers pledge 100% support to their fraternity.

Hi, folks, if Overview turns dark in the next few weeks, it’s because I’ll be attending the Philippine Women’s University’s 100th anniversary on February 24. Before that big milestone for Philwomenians in the Southland, I will attend the Solis’ family reunion in Taal, Batangas; and to top that, I will also attend the 70th Foundation Day of the former Mabini High School (Mabini, Batangas) now Mabini College of Batangas.  The school was founded by my father, Marciano K. Solis, former supervisor of public schools in Batangas, and his siblings, and managed by my aunts and cousins.

Meanwhile, I’d like to share wonderful news from the Alpha Phi Omega Greater Los Angeles:  induction of new officers for 2019, and honoring a former correspondent of Philippine News.

“Mike Medina, a vascular therapist, was formally sworn in as president of Alpha Phi Omega Alumni (Philippines) of Greater Los Angeles by outgoing president of Alpha Phi Omega Council of North America (ACNA) Irma H. Almazan at Marriott Hotel In Baldwin Park on Dec. 15, 2018.”

Mike Medina, a vascular therapist, was inducted president of the Alpha Phi Omega Greater Los Angeles at Marriott Hotel in Baldwin Park, on Dec. 15, 2018.

“I would like to thank our APOGLA members for their trust and confidence in electing me as their leader for 2019,” Mr. Medina told the audience of over 200 attendees during his acceptance speech. “I would also like to thank my family: wife Veronica, my daughters Jerelle and Celeste for their much-needed support in this journey. APOGLA is a family.  I want you to know that I’m here to serve you to the best of my ability and to implement 100% of our time-honored programs. I’ll continue to create a family atmosphere. I believe this will develop, evolve and move this organization forward with a strong membership base. I will listen to members and address their concerns. All we need is to look forward and keep re-inventing ourselves. We’ll start fresh for effective, transparent and ethical governance. I know this is a challenge, but together 2019 will be a success.”

On the other hand, 2018 outgoing APOGLA President Casey Mansilla told the members, “Thank you for this opportunity to serve this great organization. I was humbled with all your support during my tenure. We were able to achieve what we envisioned and never thought or dreamed that we could achieve them. We had fun and did a lot of service to our community.”

On the same occasion, coinciding with the 38th anniversary of APOGLA and 93rd anniversary of APOUSA (founded on Dec. 16, 1925), APOGLA’s former president and board chairman, Dan E. Nino was awarded the Dr. Librado I Ureta award, the highest award that embodies the three tenets of the fraternity: Leadership, Friendship and Service. Mr. Nino was vetted and voted by past honorees. Dr. Ureta was the founder of Alpha Phi Omega (Philippines) that was first established at Far Eastern University and bears the first alphabet of the Greek letter Alpha.

In his emotional remarks, the surprised Mr. Nino said, “This is the best gift I ever received this Christmas. Whoever nominated me for this special award, I’m forever grateful. Whoever voted for me, I’m eternally thankful. I hope I deserve this honor. I am honored yet humbled. The beauty of our APOGLA is we highlight the positive in us. We bring out the best in people. We nurture them.”

He also waxed poetic when he said, “To whom much is given, much is expected.”

Then he quoted the heartfelt lyrics of singer Bette Middler’s song as tribute to past awardees, “You are everything I’d like to be. You are the wind beneath my wings. I’ll be nothing without you.” He also dedicated the special award to his wife Myrna who had to put up with his myriad activities as freelance journalist, civic and community leader.

Mr. Nino, who graduated from Centro Escolar University (PSI) in 1970, and co-founded the Gamma Kappa chapter (Ateneo de Manila University) in 1973, joined APOGLA in 1983, and became its secretary general in 1984. He consistently served APOGLA in various capacities.

APOGLA boasts of its various service projects like its involvement in LA. Marathon, Heal the Bay, Blood Bank Donation, Operation Gratitude, Food Bank, sending of relief goods and Medical Mission in the Philippines, providing scholarship grants among others.