ArjoAtayde admits he and Maine are ‘exclusively dating’

“Exclusively dating.”

That’s how actor ArjoAtayde described his relationship with Kalyeserye Sweetheart Maine Mendoza, reports a PEP Torika article.

At the press conference of his movie ‘TOL, Arjo was asked if he and Maine were already in a relationship.

Arjo’s straightforward answer: “No, but we are exclusively dating, and I’m the happiest right now. Hanggangdoonnalangpomuna.”

When asked what he liked most about Maine she said, “Everything. I’m just really happy. She makes me laugh all the time.”

The reporters then asked Arjo if Maine makes her happy, without a doubt he answered, “Yes.”

According to the article, Arjo admitted to being already used to the insults he’s been getting.

“But to insult my family and Maine…sabikongasa social media, I let it go. Walaakongkalabandiyan. Do it in front of me, I’m sure I’m gonna hit the hell out of you.”

He repeated: “If they disrespect me, it’s fine. But for my family to get affected, for Maine to be disrespected like anything, that’s not okay with me.” (GMA News)