On Monday, December 17, 2018, 3 members of the steering committee, Hon. Betty Tom Chu, Marc Ang and John Wong, joined by Hon. Young Kim spoke to EDI Media.

About the Bill’s Journey: The Ad Hoc Gold Medal Steering Committee comprising of John Wong, Dr. Sophie Wong (GSGV), John Gee, May Gee, Betty Chu (OC), Wilson Gee, Esther Gee (Boston) and Marc Ang (AIB2B), sincerely thanks Congressman Ed Royce for introducing the bipartisan Chinese American World War II Congressional Gold Medal Act that recognizes the dedicated service of Chinese American veterans of World War II with a collective award of a Congressional Gold Medal. (H.R.2358).

Our appreciation extends to former Assemblywoman Young Kim for her outreach and efforts to accelerate the bill to the President’s desk for signature by working in partnership with AIB2B.

Initiation of the Congressional Gold Medal Act for these Chinese American veterans began in January of 2016 when senior members of the Chinese American Citizens Alliance from the Greater San Gabriel Valley (GSGV), Orange County (OC) and Boston Lodges attended a party hosted by Congressman Royce. John Gee, with assistance from the committee, developed and submitted the language for the bill as well as backup research to Congressman Royce’s office in March of 2016.

Congressman Royce worked with Senator Duckworth to develop final mirror language for S.1050 and H.R.2358, both introduced in May of 2016. Thereafter, the National Chinese American Citizens Alliance was incorporated into a national effort to gain approval in this session of Congress. We appreciate efforts from all these parties.

* Note, the Filipino Veterans of World War II required over 10 years to gain a Congressional Gold Medal.

The bipartisan Chinese American World War II Congressional Gold Medal Act, a joint bill of both the House and Senate, is on its way to the President’s desk for signature following its passing by the House without objection.

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