Benefits of MOBILE SIGNING SERVICES; On UPAI Officers Election

Last year while I was at the elevator when following up documents for authentication at the Philippine Consulate, a Filipina smiled at me and asked questions.

“Lawyer po ba kayo? Gusto ko sana magpagawa  ng SPA” (Are you a lawyer? I want an SPA be prepared)

“Puntahan ninyo si Tessie Sapinoso sa 4th floor at magpatulong,” (Go and see Tessie Sapinoso in the 4th floor for help) I answered.  A gentleman-staff with the Philippine Consulate Office overheard our conversation and said: “Nasa bakasyon si Tessie at sarado rin yong Notary Public sa 7th floor,” (Tessie is on vacation and the Notary Public in the 7th floor is closed).

“Ipagawa ko pa ang SPA bukas at babalik na naman ako dito sa Philippine Consulate sa Huwebes,” (I’ll have the SPA prepared tomorrow and be back again at the Philippine Consulate on Thursday ), the Filipina said.

As founder of MOBILE SIGNING SERVICES, I pity the Filipina for the bad experience and inconvenience she encountered. She took two days off from work just to go back to the Philippine Consulate Office in San Francisco. She paid additional expenses like parking fees $100 or more for 2 days), lunch and incidental expenses ($200 or more for 2 days), SPA preparation fee ($150 or more if she went to a lawyer). If she called and asked help and assistance with the accredited Notary Public of MOBILE SIGNING SERVICES, she could have avoided this very bad experience and too much expenses.

Before going to the Philippine Consulate Office for the notarization and authentication of Affidavits,

Special Power of Attorney (SPA) and other documents needed in the Philippines, make sure to call and consult first with MOBILE SIGNING SERVICES. Here are the advantages and benefits of MOBILE SIGNING SERVICES:

  1. AVOID TAKING OFF FROM WORK – You don’t need to go personally to the Philippine Consulate Office in San Francisco if documents were notarized by accredited Notary Public. Through MOBILE SIGNING SERVICES, we can follow-up the authentication of notarized documents at the Philippine Consulate Office in San Francisco.
  2. SAVINGS ON DOCUMENTS PREPARATION – Through our para-legal partner, we only

charge $60 or less for typing and preparation of Affidavits, SPA and other documents. If you go to a lawyer, you’ll be charged $150, $200 or more per document.

  1. SAVINGS ON PARKING FEES AND OTHER EXPENSES – By seeking the services of accredited Notary Public with MOBILE SIGNING SERVICES, you don’t need to go to the Philippine Consulate

Office in San Francisco. Therefore, you don’t need to pay for parking fees ($40-$60 or more) and other

incidental expenses like lunch, snacks and others ($100 or more).

  1. CONVENIENCE AND PEACE OF MIND – There is total convenience and peace of mind

with the services of accredited Notary Public and follow-up assistance through our MOBILE

SIGNING SERVICES. Appointments can be done at your convenience during the weekend or

after office hours in your home, office, place of work, BART lobby, schools, hospital or any other places. Even if you are available and able to go to the Philippine Consulate Office, it is more convenient and economical (most of the time) to consult and seek the help of accredited Notary Public with MOBILE SIGNING SERVICES.

For immediate help and assistance in the notarization and authentication of Affidavits, Special Power of Attorney (SPA) and other documents needed in the Philippines and in California, call (650)438-3531 or (415)5847095 or email:[email protected]

ON UPAI OFFICERS ELECTION: As Evangelist and life member of United Pangasinanes of America, Inc. (UPAI), I was approached by several UPAI officers and life members upon my arrival in San Francisco after two months of stay in the Philippines attending the 100th Birthday celebration of my mother Elena Sampayan Gabot Madlaing and joining the 6th We Care Evangelism Campaign & Workshop in the provinces of Pangasinan, Tarlac and Zambales. They reported alleged fraud, irregularities and manipulation during the UPAI Officers Election last January.

I have in my possession several copies of affidavits and letters affirming to the alleged UPAI Officers election fraud and irregularities. Here’s some excerpts of the affidavits and letters:

“On January 4, 2019 my husband died.  During that week, Mrs. Caridad Aquino came to visit. She asked me point black why I voted for Ernie Abalos and Pepe Rosario for President and Vice President of UPAI. I was surprised. The absentee ballot is sealed and will be deposited in a separate box. They will be opened and counted last in front of the

Membership on Election Day. When I asked her how did she knew, Caridad said she saw it . .  That’s what happened and that’s the truth,” confirmed Mrs. Lourdes A. Cantiller.

“ I, Norma P. Bitanga, confronted Ricky Paningbatan, President of San Carlos City Association of Northern California on January 28, 2019, a day after the UPAI election, about his role in the fraudulent election. During our conversation, he admitted to me that he voted by way of absentee ballots, for 25 new members of UPAI, from San Carlos City, who happened to be his relatives. Mr. Paningbatan clearly violated the standard manner of voting, which is tantamount to fraud, and must be declared invalid. I prepared this statement, in fairness to the membership of UPAI, who were hoping for an honest election result,”  she confirmed.

“I, Alexander Mamaril, the undersigned state that I was not allowed to personally vote on January 27, 2019 by Alvin Padilla because according to him, I already cast my absentee ballot, which is not true. In fact, I did not receive any absentee ballot from the United Pangasinanes of America Secretary Lee Junio, who was responsible for sending absentee ballots by mail,” he affirmed.  Similar testimonials were shared by Reginald Rosario,Demci Mamaril, Rosalinda Mamaril and Michael Mamaril.

“Fred Almeron approached and convinced me to request for Absentee ballot. He already had a ready Request for Absentee Ballot form for me to sign. Before the election day, he informed me not to vote anymore because according to him, I have already voted. But I never received or filled out the absentee ballot, “ confirmed Damaso Prestosa.

“Even before the election, I knew and observed that there will be rampant illegal actions and manipulations, “ echoed Romualdo Cerezo, President of Binalonians Association of Northern California (BANC).

“Sad to say but dedicated and talented members will be gone,” explained Pepe Rosario, UPAI candidat for Vice President,  on the alleged UPAI election irregularities, fraud and manipulation.

“It’s very lamenting to know about the process that went about our 2019 Election of Officers The result did not actually reflect the true voices of the members who voted or who expected to vote through Absentee ballots. That election was the worst election in the history of UPAI. My wife and I had to walk out of the building because it hurts me to observe and hear members who were complaining because they were not allowed or stopped by Alvin Padilla to vote personally because according to him they already voted through absentee ballots when in fact they did not,” explained  Ernie Abalos, UPAI candidate for President and former UPAI President.

At press time, I’ve not heard from Cris Torres and Bernard Valdez, co-chairpersons on the UPAI Election of Officers; from Fred Almeron and Alvin Padilla, candidates for UPAI President and Vice President respectively; and from Mario C. Panoringan, immediate past President of UPAI.

As Evangelist and Life Member of UPAI, I hope and pray that through good conscience, this issue will  be resolved soon because it is only through honest and clean election when the UPAI officers and members can be united..

*ART GABOT MADLAING is a commissioned Notary Public and licensed Real Estate Broker (BRE#00635976) in California since 1981. He is accredited Notary Public by the Philippine Consul General in San Francisco. Art is the founder of FITNESS FOR HUMANITY (aka FITNESS FOR CHRIST) and ACAPINOY. He is active Evangelist with the GOLDEN GATE CHURCH OF CHRIST in San Francisco, California.