Bong Go sustains survey surge; lands in middle of Magic 12

MANILA — Former Special Assistant to the President and 2019 senatorial candidate has sustained his strong showing in the senatorial race at the onset of the formal campaign period, landing middle of the “Magic 12”, with a ranking of 6 to 12 in the Jan. 26-31, 2019 Pulse Asia survey.

In the Dec. 14-21, 2018 Pulse Asia survey, Go managed to land in the 14th to 16th place with a voting preference of 29.7 percent. This rating jumped to 44.7 percent in the latest survey, making it the biggest increase among candidates.

The recent Pulse Asia survey virtually mirrors the Jan. 23-26, 2019 Social Weather Stations (SWS) survey where Go barged his way into the middle of the winning circle with a ranking of 5th to 6th place, compared to his 15th to 16th place showing in the December survey.

Mulipo, maramingsalamatsaakingmga supporters nananiniwalasaakingkakayahan at katapatansaakinghangarinna mag-serbisyosa Pilipino. Nakakatabapo ng pusoanginyongpagtitiwala (Again, thank you very much to my supporters who believe in my capability and my sincerity in m wish to serve the Filipino people. Your trust in me is heart-warming,” Go said.

Go also thanked President Rodrigo R. Duterte, who vouched for his integrity during the ruling party PDP-Laban’s proclamation and kick-off rally in Bulacan on Thursday.

“Honest ito. Serbisyolangtalagaang gusto, kasi gusto magtrabaho (He is honest. All he wants is to serve and work),” Duterte said, referring to the former SAP and his dedication to serve the people.

MalakingbagaypoangpagtitiwalasaatinniPangulongDuterte (President Duterte’s trust in me is a huge thing),” Go said, noting that majority of the Filipino people continue to trust the President.

Dahilsakanilangpaniniwalana tama at magandaangpamamalakad ng gobyernongito, kusanilangsinisikapsuportahanangPangulo at angmgasinusuportahan ng Pangulo para ipagpatuloyangtunaynapagbabagonanangyayaringayon (Because they believe that the present governance is good, they support the President and everyone whom the President supports and trusts to continue the real change that is happening now),” he added.

Go said the survey results inspire him to work even harder to present his advocacy to serve the Filipino people.

Dagdagnainspirasyonpoito para laloakongmagsumikapnamaipaabotsaatingmgakababayanangatingplanonaituloyangserbisyongtatak-Duterte para satuloy-tuloynapagbabago (It further inspires me to work harder to bring the Duterte brand of service to the people so change would continue),” he added.

At the same time, Go reiterated his earlier call for his supporters to follow the election rules and promote fair and honest elections.

“I’m begging you, sumunodpotayosamgapatakaran ng Comelec (Commission on Elections). I’m begging you po, huwagnapo kayo maglagay ng tarpaulin para walana pong masabingmasamaangtaumbayansa akin. Akonapoangnakikiusap (I’m begging you, follow the Comelec rules by not putting up tarpaulins so nothing negative could be said of me) ,” Go said Thursday.

Go made the appeal amid accusations his supporters have violated Comelec regulations in their effort to promote his candidacy.

Lalabanpotayo ng patas at naaayonsabatas (We will compete fairly and according to the rules),” he said, noting that clean and honest elections have always been the trademark of Duterte since his stint as mayor of Davao City.

Go reiterated that he will continue to serve Duterte and the Filipino people regardless of the outcome of the elections.

Bisyokonapoangmagserbisyo. Bastakahitsaanakodalhin ng tadhana, kami niPangulongDuterte, walakamingibanghangarin kung hindiangmakatulong at magserbisyosakapwa naming Pilipino. Lahatnamanpoito ay para sabayan at sapagpapatuloy ng tunaynapagbabagongnasimulanniPangulongDuterte (Service is a habit of mine. No matter where fate leads me, the President and I have no other desire but to help and serve our fellow Filipino. This is for the country and to effect the real change that the President has started),” he said. (PR)