Tudor #BornToDare global ambassador David Beckham at the launch of the new Glamour Double Date Watch in Hong Kong. Photos: Joanne Rae M.Ramirez

Joanne Rae M. Ramirez (The Philippine Star)

Hong Kong — He’s quite a dare devil, David. DareDavid indeed. Marking his first appearance for the Tudor brand in Asia, David Beckham bared before select members of media from all over Asia which of the following: 1. His abs; 2. His most secret tattoos; 3. The most daring thing he has done so far; 4. All of the above.

Answer: The most daring thing he has done so far.

“Recently, I went to Miami and tried deep sea diving…free diving. It was something that I wasn’t an expert in. And that for me was the biggest challenge. You can say that I’ve done certain things in my career, but this type of challenge is what I’m trying to achieve.”

But that wasn’t his first daring goal.

Even as a child, whenever asked about what he would want to be later in life, he invariably answered, “a football player.” This early drive led him to become one of the most acclaimed, loved and successful players in the history of the game. With three major clubs and 115 selections in the English football team, 59 as captain, he left his mark: six England Championship titles, two Major League Soccer cups, one-time Champion of Spain and one-time UEFA Champion.

David, who is also a philanthropist, entrepreneur and global style icon, was in Hong Kong as the Tudor #BornToDare global ambassador. At the top floor of The Murray Hotel here, with the lights of Hong Kong’s skyline winking in the background, David unveiled the new Glamour Double Date for the global launch of the stunning new timepiece.

Husband to another celebrity, former “Posh Spice” Victoria Beckham, and father of four, David’s goals are simple in today’s complicated world.

“I want to continue to stay healthy, stay fit, same goes for my family,” he told the VIP guests at an event that exuded a distinctly “Gentlemen’s Club” ambience.

Beckham was also joined by renowned faces from the Hong Kong entertainment scene and other VIP guests. Asked what he looks for in a watch, he answered in a heartbeat: “Elegance.”

“Elegance that you can wear it with a suit, with a tracksuit, for the gym, going to lunch…Personally, the timepiece has to be the best, has to be an amazing timepiece, can’t just be pretty, needs to be mechanically amazing and well recognized.”

David Beckham and the author.

David shares that he has acquired a “small” collection of watches over the years, which he wants to pass on to his children, Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and Harper.

“I want to have something that I can then pass down to my children and my children’s children…It’s like music, it’s like sport events, it reminds you of certain times in your life…”

Tudor is an award-winning Swiss-made watch brand, offering mechanical watches with refined aesthetics, proven reliability and unique value for money. The origins of the Tudor brand date back to 1926, when “The Tudor” was first registered on behalf of the founder of Rolex, Hans Wilsdorf.

According to Tudor, its Tudor signature #BornToDare champions are those who are willing to pursue their passions no matter where they take them. They are uncompromising people with unconventional attitudes that seek to find experiences that expand their worldview.

“David Beckham is the embodiment of this ethos.”