I had this opportunity to watch a movie “Lucy” (starring Morgan Freeman) this weekend in the comfort of my library.   And it made me contemplate on certain feasible things about life.  Specifically, on the real nature of how man’s brain works and its mysterious powers.

It came about as I was watching a film about an ordinary person who became extraordinary.    And the story pulsates around a woman who got an employment as courier.  The numerous difficulties she had undergone, underscored the fact that the job was not an ordinary one.  She was to transport a chemical which has far reaching effect on man.  It was a drug like no other.  And it has as yet to achieve a certain degree of acceptance and permission from government.  In other words, it is still prohibitive and illegal.  Even in the way the drug is to be transported, the process is not done or conducted through ordinary bags or smuggled through secret crevices in a luggage.  It is to be placed within the body of the transporters themselves through surgical means.

Of course, the movie is pure fiction.  But it tells a lot about man’s inherent capacity to overcome all odds, attain perfection and even achieve immortality.  The illegal drug, the controversial item on which account the entire plot revolves holds the key for the fulfilment of what the brain is capable of.  In the story, the woman who was made a mule to transport the drug to another country was detained and while in captivity was mauled.  The drug inside her tummy burst and got into her bloodstream.  The saga of the simple woman began.  With the accidental introduction of drugs in her system, she became superhuman.  She sought an explanation from scientists to explain her situation.

She learned as she was told that man’s brain is seldom used more than 10% of its capability.  According to one scientist, he hypothesized that if at all man may be able to transcend the 10% and achieve 20% of his brain power, that in itself would unlock so much that which would virtually improve humanity, improperly though, it could destroy mankind.  The woman who ingested so many drugs into her system, propelled by drug to use her brain up to more than 50% of its power, became a superhuman.  She could wilfully operate her mind using electrical impulses everywhere.  In the story, she could even perform telekinetic wonders and subdue the villains physically.  Of course, this is for purposes of action and suspense.

The insight in the film is quite reflective.  Accordingly, the use of the brain makes man a notch higher than everything in the entire scheme of creation.  The way he employs his brain further makes him smarter than the rest of humanity.  It is, after all, only in man where geniuses are to be found.  And as he thinks, his environment improves and the quality of his life increases in leaps and bounds.  His diet or drugs can trigger intellectual explosion.

While early man survived through improvised tools, today, while he remains biologically the same, he has virtually reinvented himself through technological wonders.  These were all brought about through the use of his brain.

Unfortunately, only a few would realize such a condition.  Majority of them never exercise the full potential of their brain.  They would merely rely on others.   They seldom think, seldom appreciate reason and occasionally would explore thought processes.

There is however a message which the film “Lucy” tried to come across.  Once a person increases the use of his brain power, that is more than 20% of its capability, his desires lessen, his appetite becomes dull and he treats everything that surrounds him whether painful or pitiful, enjoyable or satisfactory, as too mundane and too simple to appreciate.  While man is given that power to rule the universe through his brain, he may eventually be an alien if he assumes to use its power.

Well, it is better to be common, to be ordinary.  There are two major trends which man will have to choose, the path to immortality or the way towards reproduction.

Man has always been given the choice.