Care Indeed Launches Virtual Reality Dementia Training

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On-the-Job Training a Top Priority for Caregivers

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Menlo Park, California – March 2019 – Care Indeed, a leading home care provider, is pleased to launch Virtual Reality Dementia Training,powered byStrivr, for caregivers and community members. The interactive training sessions are designed to empower caregivers with the knowledge and skills they need to map out the best possible dementia care while also providing caregivers with the skills needed to establish cooperative, caring relationships with dementia clients.

The 3-Dimensional Training environment provides many of the same benefits of training in a physical environment, but without the accompanying safety risks. Participants will be encouraged to explore at their own pace and learn from mistakes. Care Indeed believes that virtual reality training is more memorable than video or text-based learning materials and that the experience immerses learners into an environment that is safe, yet realistic.

A Focus on Cooperative, Caring Relationships

A large majority of Care Indeed’s clients live with dementia, and research shows that dementia is on the rise with the potential to affect nearly 14 million people by 2050. As a result, Care Indeed, in partnership with Strivr, has created a virtual reality dementia training program that focuses on developing cooperative, caring relationships with dementia patients.

The goal is to better prepare caregivers and give them the skills they need quickly and without a significant increase in training time. The on-the-job training equips caregivers with tools to better interact with clients living with dementia while immersing them into a safe space to see how their responses and interactions affect the client’s demeanor.

The training provides what caregivers need to establish cooperative, caring relationships with dementia clients. “Our caregivers had expressed their desire for additional training for them to effectively map out the best possible dementia care, so we partnered with Strivr and created the VR Dementia Training,” said Dee Bustos, CEO of Care Indeed. “We are proud to be the first home care company to invest in a cutting-edge technology that teaches through practical simulation rather than theoretical concepts. Our goal is to empower every caregiver with the knowledge and skills they need as their client’s dementia progresses.”

An Unforgettable Training Experience

Participants in Care Indeed’s cutting-edge VR dementia training are guided through the process of how to approach, communicate and respond to dementia patients. For example, the training emphasizes the need for offering dementia clients manageable choices to prevent them from becoming frustrated or overwhelmed with too many options. Caregivers are also taught how to model physical movements to simplify difficult physical tasks.

Communication is also emphasized in this innovative VR dementia training course. Participants are guided through real-life scenarios and conversations with dementia patients to show how their reactions and instructions are interpreted or even misinterpreted. For instance, the proper approach should follow a sequence of visual, verbal and touch to avoid invading a client’s personal space.

For caregivers like Sameem Sadat, the training helped to show him how his interactions with dementia patients can be difficult, yet simplified with the right approach. “The VR training has by far been the most immersive learning experience for me. It allowed me to interact with dementia clients in virtual reality, a safe alternative to real life,” he said. “I learned from my potential mistakes and poor decisions without compromising the safety or well-being of both myself and the client.”

A Commitment to Continued Success

Care Indeed emphasizes the need for ongoing training for caregivers, which is what makes the company stand out. As a result, 88 percent of the employees have ranked Care Indeed as a great place to work, leading to a certification as a great place to work by the independent analysts at Great Place to Work.

Kim Peters, Executive Vice President of Great Place to Work’s Certification Program cites the company’s willingness to seek certification and solicit employee feedback on a regular basis. “These ratings measure its capacity to earn its own employees’ trust and create a great place workplace – critical metrics that anyone considering working for or doing business with Care Indeed should take into account as an indicator of high performance,” said Peters.

The newly launched VR Dementia Training embodies these values. At Care Indeed, the professionals realize that dementia develops in many forms, but one constant is that it affects three major areas of the brain: decision making, language skills and memory. The disease develops in three primary stages; however, each individual is affected in different ways. While caregivers can learn from traditional classroom and online training sessions, the most beneficial training method is to put themselves in real-life scenarios. Virtual Reality dementia training gives caregivers a chance to make mistakes in a safe space without affecting a client in real life.

The program is already gaining recognition from leaders in the industry. “Kudos to Care Indeed for leading the way locally,” said Larry Hayes, CEO/Publisher of ActiveOver50.

Registration is now open for Care Indeed’s Virtual Reality Dementia Training powered by Strivr. Contact the Business Development Team at (877) 504-3822 to reserve your spot.

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