CEBSI, The Relevance of a Christian Value Programming

Thru the course of history media has played a very vital role in society. It serves as a guide in almost everything we do. Most of the time, it dictates us the manner on how we decide. This is one attribute of the administration of the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church of Christ) incessantly provide. Positivity, Christian values and family oriented.

With this in mind, on February 10, 1969 or exactly 49 years ago under the leadership of the late Erano G Manalo, Executive Minister of INC launched the very first non-commercial and non-profit religious Radio Station of INC under the name of Christian Broadcasting Service or CBS. The launch featured a powerhouse radio Evangelist which includes Cipriano Sandoval, Andres Tucker, Sr, Beda Aboloc, Benjamin Santiago Sr., Vivencio Pineda and Daniel Lapid Sr to mention a few.

All these years and in an effort to reach as much people INC has bought several time slots from other stations including that of MBS 4 (now PTV 4), RPN 9 (now 9 TV ), IBC 13, ABS CBN Channel 2 and GMA channel 7 all Philippine local TV stations.

The program title as well as the medium of language used back then were all in the local language, which is Filipino (Tagalog).  The English language was added during the 80’s as the Church station grew rapidly and set-up a satellite extension in their US Main Office in Daly City, California and establish the INC Media Services. In Manila, as the station moved from several locations it finally was able to find its home studio on Maligaya Building 2 in EDSA, Quezon City.

In the light of streamlining the operations of its tri-media Christian Broadcasting Service or CBS was transformed and renamed to Christian Era Broadcasting Service, Incorporated more popularly known as CEBSI. It was in August 1991 the corporate name CEBSI was registered in the Securities and Exchange Commission as a non-profit and non-commercial station.

Over the course of the years and thru the spiritual guidance of their Executive Minister Eduardo V Manalo the Church has produced several religious program that caters to both TV and Radio audience of the Church.  It includes programs such as Church News, which highlights activities from all over the world including Europe and in the Middle East countries. It showed program that are biblical in nature part of it are the highly rated The Message, INC and the Bible, Stories of Faith and Christian Music Videos. In 2010, the Executive News was initiated to highlight the Pastoral Visitations of Brother Eduardo. It also has its very popular tagalog programs like “Gabay sa Mabuting Asal” and “Ang Pasugo: Ang Tinig ng Iglesia Ni Cristo” and so much more.

On July 2012, Angelo Erano V Manalo was designated as President and Chief Executive Officer of CEBSI. This is to simplify the workflow of CEBSI, which by now bolster TV Evangelism, Human Resource and Development, Property, Logistics, Set and Stage Design/Office Facility Management, Finance, Legal, as well as Research and Development.

Today with Angelo Erano V Manalo at the helm of CEBSI it has achieved several milestones including awards from Anak TV and other award giving bodies both locally and internationally. It has also widen its market share of the world wide audience as it offer programs in different languages which includes Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, German and French to mention a few.  It also has translation from Hindi and Punjabi and Swahili in Africa to accommodate their growing membership from India and Africa respectively.

Media has played a major role in the rapid growth of the Iglesia Ni Cristo, which can now be found in 147 out of 195 countries worldwide. Through a dynamic leader in Brother Eduardo together with its primary helpers and with the Divine Intervention the Iglesia Ni Cristo is now considered to be a Global Church. Altogether they lead their members in the proper way serving The Almighty. Praise Be Unto God. (for question, you can reach me at [email protected])