CesDrilon defends self against Gretchen Fullido libel allegations

CesDrillon Gretchen Fullido Lionheart TV

ABS-CBN news executive CesDrilon on Friday night issued a statement to defend herself against the allegations made by entertainment reporter Gretchen Fullido.

Fullido, in filing a sexual harassment complaint against former executive producer Cheryl Favila and segment producer MaricarAsprec, additionally filed a libel case against Drilon, Venancio Borromeo, and reporter Marie Lozano.

Fullido claims that the three “besmirched her reputation” after she initially filed a complaint against Favila and Asprec in 2017.

Drilon in her statement, posted in full on Twitter, said that she has been an advocate of women’s rights and empowerment all her life.

“As a victim of sexual harassment once before, it is unthinkable for me to say what Gretchen Fullido says I did,” her statement read.

Drilon said that she encourages women to speak up about their painful experiences. She additionally claimed that what she said during the internal investigation on Fullido’s complaint may have been distorted.

Drilon’s full statement:

It pains me to have to issue this statement because women should support each other especially in an issue like sexual harassment.

Throughout my life, I have been an advocate of women’s rights and women’s empowerment. As a victim of sexual harassment once before, it is unthinkable for me to say what Gretchen Fullido alleges I did.

I encourage and support women to exercise their rights to come out with truthful stories of harassment and abuse and I would never belittle any such move.

I was asked to testify in an internal, confidential investigation into Gretchen’s allegations and some of what I said during the investigation has been distorted.

I reserve the right to consider legal proceedings against these false allegations and attack on my reputation. Again I would never belittle any woman coming out to speak of any abuse committed against her. It is against everything I stand for as a woman.

ABS-CBN has issued a statement saying that it respects Fullido’s right to take matters to court. —AyaTantiangco/LBG, GMA News