Character Better Than Cologne

A good reputation is more valuable than costly perfume.—Ecclesiastes 7:1

As precious and pricey as perfumes can be, according to Solomon, they cannot be as valuable, or they cannot compare, or they cannot even come close to the good reputation a person can possess.

Solomon calls us to apply the perfume of good reputation, or to wear the cologne of good character.  Consider, therefore, what kind of a name you are seeking to make for yourself.  When people think of you, what character traits come to mind?  Is the description in line with the character traits of Christ?

Are you known by others close to you for being a cheerful person or for having a critical spirit?  Do you have a reputation for speaking absolute truth or for coming up with stories that are hard to believe?  Are you generous with whatever God has given you, or do you happen to fall on the side of stinginess?

Let’s reflect on the good reputation that God built into the life of his Son:

Jesus, the greater Son of Solomon, was the Word of God who became a human being full of unfailing love and faithfulness.  And his glory was seen as the Father’s beloved Son.  In obedience, Jesus completed his mission, fulfilled Scripture, and sacrificed his life for us on a cross crying out, “It is finished!”

Character is as character does.  And sooner or later you will be known for the character you keep. So, don’t try to make a big name for yourself, instead, guard your good name—not for yourself, but for Jesus who is living in and through you.  And when people remember you, they will remember your good reputation that was built for you in and through our Lord Christ Jesus.