‘Chicharon’-coated fried chicken

"Chicharon" - coated fried chicken

Instead of coating chicken with flour or bread crumbs before frying it, use finely crushed chicharon. This will eliminate the carbohydrates that some dieters fear will add to their weight. The recipe for this was imagined by my daughter Pia, who has been cooking low-carb meals lately. She said she hadn’t tried it herself but was wondering if it would work.

Well, it does work. I tried the recipe last night and the chicken turned out to be crisp, juicy, and scrumptious. I had to make sure the chicharon was finely crushed though, to make it stick to the chicken. Also, it’s important to use fresh chicharon, not a stale one, just as it’s important to use good tasting chicharon. There’s no need to buy the more expensive chicharon with laman. Just the plain variety of chicharon will do.

Here’s the recipe for chicharon-coated fried chicken, dedicated to all the carb watchers and chicharon fans out there.

‘Chicharon’-coated fried chicken

8 pieces chicken legs and thighs (four of each)

Salt and pepper

2 eggs

2-3 c finely crushed chicharon

2 c corn oil

Wash the chicken pieces well and pat dry with paper towels. Season with salt and pepper. Whisk the eggs in a bowl until foamy.

Coat the chicken pieces well with the eggs, then dredge them in the crushed chicharon. Press the chicharon onto the chicken to make it adhere. Heat the corn oil until hot. Carefully put the chicken pieces in the corn oil, skin side up, and fry over medium heat for about five minutes.

Turn the chicken pieces over and let the other side fry for another five minutes, or until the chicken pieces are crisp and cooked through. Drain on paper towels and serve while still hot. Makes four servings.