Christ Is Our Glory

Glory to God in highest heaven, and peace on earth to those with whom God is pleased.—Luke 2:14

Christmas doesn’t end with our enjoyments.  The angel messenger is joined by the heavenly host of angels singing of great joy.

The Joy Jesus came to bring in his own person as the God-human is the joy that aligns with, and fulfills, the great purpose of all creation.  Christmas brings the electricity of joy that runs along the grid of all reality.

Thomas Goodwin commented, “God’s “chief end was not to bring Christ into the world for us, but us for Christ … and God contrived all things that do fall out, and even redemption itself, for the setting forth of Christ’s glory.”

Goodwin also emphasized that Jesus is not just our Lord and Savior, but also our Treasure saying,“The glory of Christ is not an appendix … As it is the culmination of all we can say about his person and work, so his glory provides the most basic reason for saying it, in that it is the basis for and the fullness of our eternal enjoyment of him … we are not speaking the whole truth if we make Christ’s personal glory subservient to our salvation.”

This child of Christmas is more than Lord.  He is even more than Savior.  He is our great Treasure.  The apostle Paul revealed, “And this is the secret:  Christ lives in you” (Colossians 1:27).  This gives us our assurance of sharing and rejoicing in the eternal glory of Christ for which God created the world.  Christmas is not finally about his birth for our salvation, but about our existence for his glory to make our joy in Jesus known.  We were made for the Great Joy of Christmas.