City Council Appoints Shawnna Maltbie as City Manager

Daly City – The City Council of Daly City unanimously voted to appoint Shawnna Maltbie as City Manager at the Council meeting on Monday, January 28, 2019. Ms. Maltbie had been serving as Interim City Manager since July 2018. She has more than 20 years of experience in local government, nearly 14 of which have been spent working for the City of Daly City. She was hired as the Assistant Director of Human Resources in 2005 and was promoted to Director of Human Resources in 2007.
Ms. Maltbie was sworn into her role by Mayor Ray Buenaventura. Her family, including her mother, Patricia Marques, daughters Emma and Ella, and both mother and father-in-law were in the audience. Her husband, Jeff Maltbie, was unable to attend because he was at his own City Council meeting in the City of San Carlos, where he is the City Manager.
Mayor Ray Buenaventura said, “Sometimes in life we get lucky. Sometimes it’s a matter of timing, it’s a matter of opportunity, it’s a matter of discovering someone’s work product, it’s a matter of giving someone a chance. And sometimes who or what we’re looking for is just right in front of us. And I truly believe that is what happened in this case. Shawnna has been our Interim City Manager for several months now and what she has done for Daly City has been just tremendous.” Among the many congratulatory remarks from the City Council, Councilmember Juslyn Manalo also noted how many policy and program goals were accomplished during her time as Mayor in 2018 by working with Ms. Maltbie while she was the Interim City Manager from July to December of 2018.
In her speech, Ms. Maltbie said, “About 7 months ago, I stood right here when then Mayor Manalo swore me in and I was over the moon at the opportunity to stretch. And now that I have the “Interim” taken away from the title, my honor, my pride and my dedication to the City is exponential. You can see just in this meeting alone, the rainbow of things that the city deals with. We are huge city—the biggest city in San Mateo County—but we still function like a family and that’s because of your leadership, that’s your heart. I’m just here to implement your heart and your passion.”
Ms. Maltbie holds a bachelor’s degree in Public Administration from the University of San Francisco, has completed graduate work in Public Administration from San Francisco State University, and is currently pursuing her master’s degree in Gerontology from the University of Southern California. Her commitment to community service includes serving on the governing board of the San Mateo County Regional Training & Development Consortium for Public Agencies. She also serves on the Board of the Directors for the Service League of San Mateo County and is a member of CALPELRA, IPMA-HR, and the American Society of Aging.
Ms. Maltbie said, “This feels right. I’ve been with Daly City for almost 14 years and it makes sense to be in this role and I’m honored. I thank each of you for this opportunity. I look forward to the years to come and I’m honored to serve this community.”