Confirming what we already know

Omarosa Manigault Newman is not the first member of President Donald Trump’s inner circle to leave, nor is she likely to be the last. Ever since he assumed the presidency, trusted men and women have come and gone with unceasing regularity, with a good number exiting under less-than-ideal circumstances.

Some have remained on friendly terms with Mr. Trump, while others have spoken ill of the president and his inability to function as chief executive of the nation. Newman belongs to the latter category.

After she was relieved of her duties, she has gone on the offensive against the Trump administration, culminating in the recent release of her book where she details the erratic behavior of the president.

It would be easy enough to dismiss whatever claims she makes and brush her off as just another disgruntled former employee with an axe to grind and an eye on the big bucks that come with writing a best seller. Except for one thing: Omarosa Newman made a habit of taping some key conversations, and what she has released so far only serves to confirm that the White House is in a sad and messy state.

In other words, her book and tapes tell us what we already know.

As Mr. Trump is wont to do, he has resorted to name calling in reaction to Newman’s revelations by calling her a “lowlife” and “wacky.”

He, of course, wants everyone to forget one undeniable fact: Omarosa Newman has been with him for more than 15 years, long before he ran and won for president. So what does it say about his judgment in hiring and firing four times this supposed wacky lowlife?

Mr. Trump also said that Newsman was “not smart.” Her academic credentials state otherwise. During her television interviews, she also comes across as a highly intelligent, if somewhat overly ambitious, young woman.

In one taped conversation, Mr. Trump supposedly did not know that Newsman had been fired by his chief of staff and he seemed to be unhappy at her leaving. This, too, does not speak well of the executive abilities of the president. It would be unthinkable in the private sector — where Mr. Trump made his fortune — for a chief of staff to fire a trusted assistant without the knowledge and consent of the chief executive officer.

How odd for a man who as the star of a popular reality TV show The Apprentice became well known nationally for telling men and women who did not pass his standards, “You’re fired.”

The budding author now says that the sharp executive whom she worked for some 15 years ago is no longer the same man. This is an observation made by others, some of whom say the president is already showing signs of dementia.

There are supposedly more tapes which reveal the true extent of Donald Trump’s current state of mind. We’re almost afraid to find out more considering what we already know.

Newman’s book is entitled ‘Unhinged,’ and it certainly says it all, both about the man and the Oval Office.