CORONATION OF 2018-20 Miss Pangasinan highlights 50th Golden Pangasinan Day Celebration

SAN FRANCISCO, CA- As expected, a standing room only capacity graced the United Pangasinanes  of America, Inc.’s 50th Golden Pangasinan Day and Miss Pangasinan Coronation Banquet & Ball held at the  Grand Ballroom of the SF Airport Crowne Plaza Hotel.

The final phase of the Biennial Talent and Beauty Pageant, saw Angeline Noguera from the town of Agno being crowned Miss Pangasinan 2017-20. She was also judged Miss Talent and her peers chose her Miss Congeniality as well.

Ericka Burwell representing the town of Alcala was chosen First Runner Up while Aubrey Gaceta from the town of Tayug emerged as the Second Runner Up.
Judging from the audience reaction, members of the Panel of Judges delivered a well thought decision.

Past President  and Executive Chairman Fred Almeron, expressed his approval and delight with the outcome of the event together with Co-Chair Caridad I. Aquino and Search Committee Chair Marita N. Padilla.

San Francisco Bay Area retired executive Mario Cendana-Panoringan, the current President of the United Pangasinanes of America, Inc. echoed the same sentiments.

“Let’s give credit to all the members of our Executive Committee who have worked tirelessly  to deliver a truly successful event,”they are the ones who deserve all the credit,” he added.

I am so blessed to be surrounded by great members who are proven leaders, he concluded.

Members of the Panel of Judges included Francis Espiritu, President of Philippine News, Gemma Nemenzo-Ver, Journalist and Editor of Positively Filipinos, Mary Ann Laurel, Executive Director of Apollo Adult Day Program, Liezel Dizon-Villacarte, Miss Pangasinan 1996-98 and Richard James White, CEO/Owner of Realty World Agency.

Panoringan Aldo expressed his thanks and gratitude with the print and broadcast media, Fil Am Star News, Fil Am Star Talk, Asian Journal and Philippine News.