Lowell Menorca II and Rovic Canono, expelled former members of the Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC) presently enjoying “asylum” in Canada after claiming political persecution in the Philippines, now literally “cash in” on their completely fictitious victim status.

After being granted political protection on the basis of fantastic and unverified claims of threats to their safety and security, Menorca and Canono lost no time in doing what they planned to accomplish in Canada in the first place – to make the liberal, permissive and benevolent country a base for their money laundering activities and continued campaign to discredit the INC.

Instead of living quiet lives and humbly repaying their debt of gratitude to the Canadian government for granting them refuge from their imagined “persecution,” Menorca and Canono now actively involve themselves in various “foundations” and front organizations receiving money from shady sources to fund a sustained anti-INC campaign on foreign soil.

These two individuals receive money without any monitoring or accounting, all under the nose of the Canadian government. That is the Menorca and Canono way of thanking the Canadian government.

Immediately after their grant of asylum, these two individuals established the Help the Oppressed Foundation to be able to solicit funds, partly to sustain their now-lavish lifestyle.

Money is brought in and funneled in the form of innocent “donations” from within Canada and the United States.

Reliable reports show that the Help the Oppressed Foundation is not the only entity used by Menorca and Canono to extort and launder money. At various times, they have joined, created or registered the following dummy formations – H2O, Ophirpa and Remnant Few Good Samaritans – all for the same nefarious purpose.

Menorca and Canono enjoy zero credibility and legitimacy in the Philippines. Before they fled the country secretly in 2016, they were both facing multiple charges of rape, domestic violence against spouse and children, adultery and other heavy criminal offenses.

They are therefore considered fugitives from Philippine law. They misled the Canadian government by failing to fully disclose the reasons why they left the Philipines under dubious circumstances.

Now that they are engaged in a systematic and apparently large-scale money laundering operation in their new base in Canada, the Canadian and US federal authorities need to be informed and alerted about Menorca’s and Canono’s illegal acts, which are committed within these two countries’ territorial jurisdictions.

The Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) should immediately investigate Menorca and Canono and eventually put a stop to their acts, which are illegal and morally reprehensible.

Menorca and Canono destroy and put in a bad light the good reputation that generations of legitimitate Filipino immigrants have steadily built over the years in Canadian and American society.

Menorca and Canono in fact need to be returned promptly to the Philippines and face prosecution for the serious criminal charges they are facing.

These two are criminals in the Philippines. Now they have started to become more reprehensible criminals in North America.

( Don Orozco can be reached thru [email protected] He is a contributing writer for Philippine News and  Fil-Am Star Newspaper in the US. He is also business reporter and marketing head of He is a licensed Notary Public in the State of California and a Deputized Sheriff of the Santa Clara County. He recently got appointed as Executive Director for Coalition Of Filipino American Chamber of Commerce)