Senator Leland Yee says new policy is “smoke and mirrors disguised as reform”

SACRAMENTO – Today, a committee within the California State University Board of Trustees approved a new policy to allow the use of university foundation dollars, rather than public dollars, to give double digit raises to their top administrators. The full board is expected to approve the policy tomorrow.

Senator Leland Yee (D-San Francisco/San Mateo) issued the following statement in:

“As I said last week when the Chancellor proposed this new policy, it is nothing more than smoke and mirrors disguised as reform. Today’s action by the CSU Board of Trustees only further solidifies the fact that they are more committed to their executives than California students and families.

All efforts – including the campus foundations – should be focused on ways to ensure tuition is affordable and quality courses are available, not finding new ways to line the pockets of top administrators and giving corporations another means to cozy up to campus presidents for their own financial gain.

There are much better means to finding quality executives – including hiring talent from within the CSU – than trying to keep up with a troubling national trend on executive compensation within higher education.

The trustees are beyond tone deaf; they are either completely oblivious or simply don’t care what students, lawmakers, and taxpayers think.”

Despite overwhelming bipartisan support and endorsements from taxpayer groups, faculty, students and labor unions, Yee’s bill to prohibit executive pay hikes (using state or foundation funds) during bad budget years or when student fees increase recently fell one vote short of passage in the Senate Education Committee.


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