De Lima dares Duterte: Fire Sandra Cam

Opposition Senator Leila De Lima challenges President Rodrigo Duterte to fire Sandra Cam for alleged corruption. If Duterte could not fire her, De Lima said he should at least order an investigation for allegedly amassing millions of pesos in properties.

“I dare you, Mr. President, to fire Sandra Cam or at least order a bona fide investigation into her alleged amassing of properties worth hundreds of millions of pesos, including an island. That’s a whiff or more than “whiff of corruption,” isn’t it?,” she said.

Senator De Lima said Duterte deserves this for engaging the service of disreputable characters. The lady senator warns Duterte that a time may come that he would be blackmailed by these people.

She said: “That’s what you get for dealing with hustlers or shady, underworld characters, just to get what you want. Watch out Mr. President, baka ikaw rin ang i-blackmail nya.”

De Lima continued: “She cannot be that untouchable! Or is she more privileged than Aguirre? Whom you just consigned to oblivion without nary a case or cases filed against him. Why? Kailangan mo kasing protektahan si Aguirre dahil malaki ang utang na loob mo sa kanya bilang chief enforcer of your “Destroy de Lima” edict.

“Not lifting a finger vis-a-vis Sandra Cam’s well-known shenanigans should shatter your feigned corruption-loathing image, and your ego,” she added. (Source: