Democrat Legislator Airs A Rosy Future: “If they take back the House”

Zeroing in on “priorities” should victory be theirs when the voters would have their say,

Minority Whip Stony Hoyer exudes optimism should his party

“win back control,”come November, truly, just several weeks away.

Yes, it could be a “would-be” wish; yes, it could mean “prayers answered.”

                                            But it is not an impossible wish at all.

Top concern as the Democrats’ plan “to probe Trump,” should their party be rewarded                                 “back control,” an intention that “looks good,” is going to be assured a warm welcome by                                 those who believe in honesty, and implementation of the Constitution, regardless of

of political affiliation.

High on his party’s agenda, Representative Hoyer named “looking at this personal                                 finances,” in reference to President Trump, is one that remains acutely important for all


Listed on the Democrats’ chief concerns are: Most of those that involve a series of                                 investigations under the heading of the Trump administration’s economic and health

care agendas, huge and crucial issues that loom as first priorities of the populace.

The subjects had already been announced, committees on the Budget, Ways and                                 Financial Services are intent on the probe on the administration’s handling of the nation’s                                 economy and budgetary process.

One very recent theme has surfaced: “botched natural disaster responses,” how the                                 Trump leadership has dismantled the law, the Obama’s signature policy, the Affordable Care                                 Act.

It is no longer a secret how the administration hastily undermined the

implementation of the aforesaid legislation, thus gigantic consequences have arisen

that hampered the health of huge sections of the population that placed their trust and                                 confidence on the law.

Sizable majorities of the American voting population’s members, regardless of                                 political affiliations are deeply concerned on how the Trump leadership acted

from records’ requests to “hauling in” administration officials to provide current

information in the probing of the 45th president’s personal finances and benefits

coming out of Trump ownership still unknown by the American people.

What might engender limitless stress from the Trump future probe is the probing of                                 “personal financial records” that continue to be unknown: whether his properties and

companies may or may not be receiving benefits provided by law.

Hoyer made emphatic how the issues should be handled against Trump’s personal l                             business:  “I think we’ll try to focus on issues which undermine the American people.                                                          “Also,  I think we want to focus on the integrity of the interests of the president in                             terms of  what interests he has had.

“Is he pursuing policies that are in the public’s interest or in the Trump investment                             interest?”

What is bound to be expected:  The pledge by Democrats to pursue limitless                             investigation-causes that have remain unanswered by the current administration that

has refused adamantly in providing succinct responses coming not just from                             politicians but from numerous members of the U.S. citizenry.

Singularly, a consoling phase for all American voters remains in their reliance on the

forthcoming outcome of the elections that will be anticipated by the year’s end.

Will democracy be put into practice?

“For the people, by the people and of the people?”

After the world has seen democratic processes subdued, and the

United States’ role in global participation greatly diminished,

it doesn’t require a second guess to hope democracy, in its

exacting interpretation will make a return bout which this nation

richly deserves.