DFA rescues 40 distressed Pinoy truck drivers in Germany and Poland

Forty distressed Filipino truck drivers in Germany and Poland have been rescued from difficult working and living conditions, the Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs said Friday.

Super RadyodzBB’s Roland Bola said that DFA personnel in said countries have provided the expatriates with a temporary shelter and food supplies.

But the Foreign Affairs department did not elaborate on the “difficult condition” the Filipinos had gone through.

Philippine embassies in Berlin and Warsaw are providing the OFWs with the needed assistance, it added.

Meanwhile, Philippine Overseas Labor Office officials in Geneva, Switzerland, are negotiating with the employers of the Filipino truck drivers, the DFA said, adding that the workers might be victims of human trafficking.

Earlier, foreign officials reported the rescue of 22 Pinoy truck drivers in Denmark who had also suffered similar living and working conditions the OFWs in Germany and Poland went through.  —LBG/GMA News