Duterte spends a billion pesos to acquire new guns for soldiers, cops

Duterte Asia Times

President Duterte has spent a billion pesos to acquire new guns for soldiers and policemen to guard against deadly rebel attacks.

The President admitted he was “sick and tired” of the brazen rebel assaults that left many soldiers and cops dead so the government decided to purchase new weapons.

“I have decided to give you sidearms, all of you. As a matter of fact, it costs me about a billion pesos to provide every one of you,” the commander-in-chief said before a recent assembly of troops at Camp Rajah Sikatuna in Bohol.

“Pagtapos ng December ma-deliver nalahat [The delivery will be completed after December],” he added.

In recent weeks, the President has distributed new Glock pistols to government security forces during his visits to military and police camps. Duterte was concerned about the safety of policemen and soldiers, especially those unarmed off-duty uniformed personnel, amid the threat posed by communist rebels.

The rebel attacks have also prompted the President to propose the formation of a death squad to target the assassins of the New People’s Army. The Palace however said the President merely floated the “idea” to protect and defend people from rebel assassins.

The President, in his recent Lanao del Norte visit, urged the troops to remain on guard against the communist rebels.

“I’m tired and sick and tired of their style where they kill soldiers when they go home to their families. You wait for them in the terminal and then you board the same truck and shoot them even when they are unarmed so now I gave all army and police personnel new guns,” he said. (Manila Bulletin)