Duterte was respectful, even after I left the Cabinet – VP Robredo

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Vice President LeniRobredo said that President Rodrigo Duterte had always been civil and respectful with her, even after she resigned from the Cabinet.

Robredo, speaking on Catholic Church radio station Radyo Veritas and responding to queries on the president’s behavior around women, said, “Parangwalanamanakosaposisyon para maggawa ng sweeping observation. Iyongsa akin, noongnasaGabineteako, talagangmahiligsiyangmagbiro. (I think I am not in the position to make a sweeping observation. With me, when I was still in his Cabinet, he really liked to joke.),”

“Pero in all fairness to the President, naging very civil siyasa akin… Even after walanaakosa Cabinet. (But in all fairness to the President, he was very civil to me…Even after I was out of his Cabinet.),” she added.

Robredo resigned from as Housing chief, Cabinet position, after she was told to “desist from attending all Cabinet meetings.” In her resignation letter, she stated that the move made it impossible for her to do her job.

And, despite their “major differences” on policy, she believed that Duterte was aware that she bore no ill will against him.

“Ako, tinginko, alamniyanawalanamanakonghangarinnapasamainsiya. Akotinginko, genuinely alamniyaiyon. Siguronadadalalangsasinasabi ng ibangnasapaligid kaya mayroongmgapaniniwalanahindi din tama. (I believe he knows that I wish no ill will to make him appear bad. I believe he genuinely knows that. Maybe he is just swayed by what the people around him say, that’s why there are opinions that are not true.),” she added.

Duterte had, at one point, called Robredo incompetent and unfit to be president, while the vice president has criticized the administration’s war on drugs and other policies. — Jessica Bartolome/DVM, GMA News (Note: Originally appeared on GMA News Online; minor edits were done in the copy.)