EBC FILMS: Soaring High Across The Miles

In celebration of its 50th year, Eagle Broadcasting Corporation has launched its production outfit EBC Films in 2017. The concept of the offering is not just to compete but to provide movie enthusiasts an alternative indie or short film that will give emphasis to the upliftment of our moral values.

EBC Films in its initial public debut released and premiered its first full-length film entitled Guerrero. It is a term that simply means warrior which was depicted by an upcoming short film star Genesis Gomez (Ramon Guerrero), as the struggling boxer and Julio Cesar Sabenorio (Miguel) who portrayed himself as the young upcoming younger brother of  Ramon.

The entire movie was filmed in Manila but was shown internationally in North America, Australia, and Europe. It was written and directed by neophyte Carlo Ortega Cuevas. To his credit, the movie has already made a mark in several movie awards-giving bodies including “Best Feature Comedy Film,” in 2018 at the Amsterdam International Filmmakers Festival of World Cinema, “Best Editing of a Foreign Language Film” in the same year at the Madrid International Film Festival. In fact, even Sabenorio got an award as “Movie Child Performer of the Year” during the 34th PMPC awards night.

As the flick continues to garner praises even from movie critics EBC Films is looking to do a rerun of the movie in select cities across North America, United Kingdom and in Asia. The enchanting movie has captured the hearts of many Filipinos as the movie was able to relate to the common people. Producers thus said that watch out for the announcement of future showings of the movie.

Eagle Broadcasting Corporation continues to soar to both the viewing and listening public as it offers several complementary programming focused on values. EBC family of networks include Net 25 TV, a free terrestrial TV channel; Pinas FM 95.5 (formerly known as DWDM 95.5), a platform that supports Original Filipino Music or OPM; DZEC Radyo Agila 1062, current and latest news on the radio;  Eaglenews.PH, touches the most important global news and events from around the world.

To complete the platform suite of EBC it has opened and launched very recently the E25 records as the newest record label in the Philippines.

Eagle Broadcasting Corporation, soaring high online, on our AM and FM airwaves, on the TV broadcast and now on films and recording. For today and tomorrow, we live in interesting times.