Eduardo V Manalo, Approaching A Decade Of Leadership Excellence

Upon the death of the Iglesia Ni Cristo leader Felix Y Manalo who members regard as the last Messenger of God in these last days critics of the Church predicted that INC will start to crumble and fall. On the contrary and proving the critics wrong the rapid growth of the Church commenced. Critics started to ask and wonder if this is the work of God?

In 1968 or barely five (5) years after assuming the leadership, Erano G Manalo son of Felix was able to establish the very first congregation outside the Philippines. KaErdy, as the church members fondly call him traveled to Honolulu, Hawaii then in San Francisco, California to establish INC in North America. The INC continues to rapidly grow as it establishes itself in Asia, Latin America, Europe, and Australia.    Critics back then remain to wonder and ask is this the work of God?

In 2009 or after 46 years of dynamic leadership the INC mourned the death of KaErdy. He was laid to rest on August 31, 2009. His son Eduardo V Manalo assumed the role of INC Executive Minister. Brother Eduardo who has been Deputy  Executive Minister of the INC from 1994 after being elected unanimously by the Church Executive Council.  Since then he was trained to various facets of the Church for 15 years.

Upon his assumption, the chatter from the outside has mellowed down and critics have been completely silenced. With the help of the Church Executive Council, the tremendous growth of the Church revolutionized. It gave birth to a new continent to spread the good news of salvation. The Church was established in Africa.

Another manifestation of success is the growth in the presence in the number of countries.  In 2009, INC was propagating in 98 countries and territories and today is now at 148 (and still growing) and has 150 Ecclesiastical District thru out the world and more than 7,000 local congregations.

In the belief that the work of INC is not just in the field of propagation, Brother Eduardo also intensified the work in the aid of humanity and establishes the Felix Y Manalo Foundation, Inc. Surprisingly the foundation has relief operations on places struck by a calamity which includes victims of storm Sandy in New York, hurricane in Oklahoma and even a World Wide Walk in 2004 for victims of typhoon Haiyan and World Wide Walk to fight Poverty for Africa.

Glicerio Santos Jr, INC treasurer and Head of the FYM Foundation have stated that the intensified aid to humanity is thru the efforts and brainchild of the current INC Executive Minister. Today INC has several eco-farming and livelihood programs all over the Philippines and in the continent of Africa, which currently has over 50 congregations in over 40 countries.

Today several Head of States, Ambassadors and Consul General from all over the world visits INC Central office to thank and acknowledged the humanitarian effort and his leadership excellence in propelling the Iglesia Ni Cristo to its rapid and dynamic growth.

The Filipino people residing from all over the world should be proud that we have a Church coming from the so called Third World country that is providing community service, aid to humanity, eco-farming, livelihood and above all propagating and spreading the good news of salvation from all over the world irrespective of their economic status.

As he approaches his decade of Leadership Excellence Brother Eduardo V Manalo continue to conduct Pastoral visitations in all the continents of the world and in attending to the needs of the Overseas Filipino Workers and more importantly in edifying the INC members.

As Brother Eduardo always preaches in his homily that all of this is we do all for the Glory of God. And yes, All of these is the work of God. ( [email protected])