Excited and ready for Shake Shack opening in 2019

‘Celebrating our 30th anniversary this year makes the partnership with this well-loved global brand even more meaningful to us’—Anton T. Huang

Yes, it’s finally happening! Shake Shack is headed to the Philippines in 2019.

Known for its Angus beef burgers, chicken sandwiches, flat-top Vienna beef dogs, fresh-spun frozen custard, crinkle-cut fries, craft beer and wine, among other items, Shake Shack has earned a cult following across America and the world over.

Originally a hot dog cart in Madison Square Park in New York, Shake Shack has been expanding the past years to Japan, the Middle East, Russia, South Korea, the UK and, most recently, Hong Kong. (The Hong Kong exclusive milk tea shake is delicious!)

The SSI Group is bringing Shake Shack to Manila.

“This is a testament to our company’s vision of enhancing lives and providing only the best for the ever-evolving Filipino consumer,” said SSI Group president Anton Huang in an e-mail interview.

“Celebrating our 30th anniversary this year makes the partnership with this well-loved global brand even more meaningful to us. Staying true to Shake Shack’s mission to Stand For Something Good, we at the SSI Group are committed to offer the most rewarding curated lifestyle experiences. We are excited to be among the first in Asia that will be home to the renowned American casual restaurant chain.”

Shake Shack vice president of global licensing Michael Kark noted, “Manila is an incredible city. Its heart beats with a distinct warmth and hospitality. We are excited to begin the search for our first site in Metro Manila and look forward to becoming part of this community.”

SSI Group Inc. president Anton Huang

Exclusive rights

The multiyear development and license agreement with Shake Shack, Inc. grants SSI exclusive rights to open and operate Shake Shack branches in the Philippines.

Huang said, “Shake Shack’s philosophy and brand values are aligned with the SSI Group: SSI and Shake Shack both have a strong culture of customer service and hospitality, and our values are closely aligned in that sense.

“Also, Shake Shack’s commitment to real, premium ingredients, coupled with its fun and lively environment, are very similar to SSI’s commitment to bring the best brands and products to the Philippines, and to provide our customers with memorable lifestyle experiences.”

Asked how he thinks Filipinos will receive Shake Shack, Huang said, “We are positive that Shake Shack will be well-received by the Filipino market. Given their foreign travels in the past years, Filipinos are more familiar with global food brands. With Shake Shack’s growing popularity and brand recall, it won’t come as a surprise if Filipinos, especially the well-traveled, have either heard of the brand or have had the chance to try it.

“Pinoys are more eclectic and discerning now even in their food choices. With Shake Shack being a lifestyle brand that serves fresh, simple, high-quality food at great value, the burger joint is poised to be a welcome addition to the food options that are in Manila.”

Chick’n Shack

Shake Shack experience

Describing the Shake Shack experience that awaits the Filipinos when the first branch opens, Kark said, “Filipinos can look forward to Shake Shack’s signature items, including the ShackBurger, Shack-cago Dog, classic crinkle-cut fries, craft beer, wine and spun-fresh frozen custard ice cream.

“Shake Shack is known for its fine-dining heritage and commitment to premium ingredients, coupled with its fun and lively environment, and we’re looking forward to joining the Manila community.”

On whether or not Shake Shack has tailored or adjusted the menu to the Philippine market, Kark revealed that it “intends to work with local purveyors and producers to create a one-of-a-kind Shack for the local Filipino community. Stay tuned for more details as we get closer to the opening!”

In its 14-year history, Shake Shack has received accolades, making it to No. 16 in Bon Appetit’s “20 Most Important Restaurants in America,” No. 7 in Time Magazine’s “17 Most Influential Burgers of All Time,” and winning “Best Burger” in 2007 and 2014 at the South Beach Wine and Food Festivals’ Burger Bash.

We’re excited and ready with our first order: Shack Stack (cheeseburger, ’Shroom burger, lettuce, tomato and Shack sauce), Cheese Fries (crispy, crinkle-cut fries topped with cheddar and American cheese sauce) and Coffee Fair Shake.

We hope it will serve dog biscuits, too, for our furry pals!

Shake Shack CEO Randy Garutti
Shake Shack Flat-Top Dogs

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