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Speakers at the inaugural National Forum on Filipino American Mental Health at the Philippine Embassy Chancery Annex on 20 October 2018: (L-R) Ryann Tanap, Writer and Mental Health Advocate; Dr. Janis Manalang, Psychologist & Clinical Director of the Key Center of Sterling Virginia; CAPT Josef Rivero, U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps; Consul General Renato Pedro Villa, Philippine Embassy; CAPT Maria Fields, Senior Adviser for Child Well-being and Safety & Healthy Mind Initiative Representative of the Administration for Children & Families; Miriam Riedmiller, Esq., Immigration Lawyer and Founder of GLOREHE Resiliency Programs; Krystle Canare, President of the Philippine American Foundation for Charities; Dr. Kevin Nadal, Professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice and Graduate Center at the City University of New York; and Dr. E.J.R. David, Professor and Author of Filipino-American Postcolonial Psychology: Oppression, Colonial Mentality, and Decolonization.

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