Fans praise Jake Zyrus for his ’10-year challenge’ photo


He may only be “joining the hype.”

But for Jake Zyrus’ devoted fans, the singer’s before-and-after photos for his take on the “10-year challenge” meant so much more.

Zyrus used the social media craze as an opportunity to highlight his transition to manhood, placing one of his selfies now alongside a picture of him from 2009, when she was a woman.

It has since drawn praise on Facebook, with some saying that he’s so much more beautiful now that he’s being “real” with himself.

Zyrus has said that his journey was akin to being “reborn,” referring to when he came out with his new name in 2017.

He talked about his transition more in his book, “I Am Jake,” where he revealed that troubles with his family and his fans turning on him over his decision led him to attempt suicide thrice. (ABS-CBN News)