The Filipino American Society of Architects and Engineers (FASAE), est. in 1976, and the American Legion Post 510 (ALP 510) the 1st Lieutenant Magdalena Leones Post, named after the only Filipina heroine awarded the Silver Star in the Philippines, conducted a day-long convention at the San Francisco War Memorial Building with a theme “Funding and Building Sustainability”:  Sustainability of Villages, Health, Assets, & Life.

The Convention became the convergence of many sources of energy including the ConGen Henry Bensurto’s declared mission of “Spark, Connect, and Empower”, a Partnership to propel this mission signed by the ConGen& Mayor Juslyn Manolo on June 11, 2018 during the Philippine Flag Raising event to commemorate Philippine Independence Day in Daly City.

The FASAE/ALP 510 event conducted on June 16, 2018 provided national and international energy boosters for the Congen’s declared mission.  This event was a conduitfor a project study of the International Organization for Migration (IOM), UN to increase capacity of the diaspora within the United States and to implementin the home country necessary actions to Build Safer Shelter to withstand the worsening destruction and damage caused by increasingly intense natural forces and human conflict.FASAE/ALP 510 gave a special focus on bringing the benefits of safer shelters to the WWII veterans, to continue providing long awaited equity for their sacrifices that played a major role of preserving the freedoms we enjoy today.  FASAE & ALP 510 join the current, ongoing effort to help award the Congressional Gold Medal (CGM), the highest award given by the U.S. Congress to civilians, to over 200,000 veterans throughout the United States.

FASAE was one of five Filipino organizations in the United States to be selected to attend/provide training to representatives from Haiti, Bangladesh, and the Philippines to implement this project across the nation.  San Francisco was one of two locations that was selected to launch the program; the other location being Miami, Florida.

Participants in the Convention were selected to highlight the many components essential in doing an outreach to the almost four million Filipino diaspora within the US including:  Mayor Juslyn Manolo, the first Filipina elected as mayor of Daly City and Congressional Candidate Cristina Osmeña; ALP 510 leading the way with 14,000 American Legion Posts in the US;FASAE and its student chapters at UC Berkeley(PASAE) and UC Davis (PASE), with its members connected to many cultural, alumni, professional, technical and educational groups; nationally recognized Greater San Jose Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.  The Southern California chapter of FASAE was also represented in the event.

Part 2 of this IOM, UN Training is scheduled to be held at the Philippine Consulate on August 18, 2018.  The ConGen has responsibility for 1.3 million Filipinos from Northern California to Alaska and shall be key in the outreach for this project.  Plan to participate in this landmark project.