Fil-Am Candidates


Running for Milpitas Council

As your Councilmember, I am proud to report to you that I kept my promises.  The integrity of my decisions about the city and the community were untarnished by any third-party interests or any political swaying.  My actions remained grassroot and were always what I believed  them to be better for the community.  I have treated the Milpitas community as my own family, at which all considerations were based. I continue to pledge transparency and accountability on city affairs, effective governance and responsible development.

I will continue to work on:

Addressing the garbage odor,

Maintaining quality city services/utilities and public safety;

I am dedicated, experienced, and firm on my values and principles. I am a current Councilmember, served as Planning commissioner and a Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources Commissioner. Currently serving several Advisory Boards in the county.  I hold a degree in Political Science, Juris Doctor (JD), studied MA Public.

Proud to be endorsed by Congressman Rho Khanna, AssemblymemberKansen Chu, former mayor Jose Esteves, former vice mayor Althea Polanski, many city commissioners and community leaders.



Running for Board Member-Jefferson Elementary School District

MaybelleManio has been a public service professional for many years serving her community in the United States and the Philippines. As she attended graduate school at the University of the Philippines, Diliman at the College of Social Work and community Development, she was able to work for organizations such as PATAMABA (PambansangPilipinas), a non government organization that helpsrural and informal workers gain economic empowerment. She also worked with LIKHAAN (Linangan ng Kababaihan) an NGO engaged in providing direct health care services to women in marginalized communities.

She received her undergraduate degree in a major she created, “Pinay Studies: Race, Class and Gender in the Filipino American Woman’s experience” at San Francisco State University and served on the Student Center Governing Board. This is where she got her first taste of public service. She has also provided substance abuse prevention and treatment services for at-risk, urban youth in San Francisco, worked as a public service worker for welfare programs in one of the most marginalized communities in the Bay, and currently tirelessly works for a public hospital that is the only trauma center in the area. As a parent and member of the community, she wants to see all the students thrive and achieve success, which is why she is running for the Jefferson Elementary School District Board. With her knowledge, skills and passion for helping community, Maybelle knows she can help the district meet these goals.


Running for Daly City Council                                                                                                                 

Dr. Magbual is educator, leader, father and husband who is passionate about serving his community. He has lived in Daly City for over 16 years where he has raised his family. His educational journey began at UC Riverside where he obtained his BA in Liberal Studies in 2000, his MA in Asian American Studies at San Francisco State University (SFSU) in 2004 and his Education Doctorate at the University of San Francisco (USF) in the Organization and Leadership (O&L) Program with a minor in the International Multicultural Education (IME) Program.

Over the past two decades, Rod has mentored hundreds of students as the current Executive Director for the [email protected] Educational Partnerships (PEP).  He has worked with various youth, student and community organizations throughout California such as: the Asian Pacific Student Programs, (APSP) at UC Riverside; Summer Program for Empowerment and Leadership (SPEL) sponsored by Search to Involve Filipino Americans in Los Angeles; Festival of Filipino Arts and Culture (FPAC); Upward BoundProgram (North) at Cal State Fullerton (CSUF); the Japanese Community Youth Council (JCYC); and the Asian Youth Prevention Services at the Filipino Community Center (FCC) in San Francisco, CA.

In addition, Rod has taught classes at USF, UC Davis, Sonoma State University, City College of San Francisco (CCSF), and currently teaches at Skyline College where he teaches in the Kababayan and CIPHER Learning Communities. Rod also served as a Commissioner for the Daly City Library Board of Trustees from 2014-2017 and currently serves on the Planning Commission as the Vice Chair. As a loving husband and father, Rod is motivated by his lifelong pursuit for positive social change.


Running for Oakland City Council District 6


Marlo Rodriguez is a first generation Filipino American immigrant. Her parents Drs. Mario and Edna Rodriguez immigrated in the US in the late fifties to complete their education.  Both attended the University of the Philippines at Diliman to get their DDS. The settled in New Orleans, LA. Not having an extended family , the Rodriguez family built community. They were both the founding first president of PAUCLA and PAWAL.

Marlo received her BSN in nursing from Southeastern Louisiana University. She came out to California as a travel nurse. Hurricane Katrina devastated her and her parents’ home in 2005. She helped them salvage some of their possessions and get the repairs started. She then came back to start her life in Oakland, CA.

Marlo has lived in Oakland since 2007. She settled in East Oakland, in a neighborhood that she loves. To Marlo, Oakland is a special place where diversity and culture are celebrated. She loves that Oakland has a history steeped in activism and social justice.

As an RN, Marlo has advocated safe patient care throughout her 27-year career. Her life’s work has revolved around serving others.  Like her parents, Marlo wants to build community and help shape the growth of Oakland.  She will advocate for that growth intention, community and equity in mind. As a union member, Marlo knows that living wages are important for families to sustain living in Oakland.

Oakland faces serious challenges with homelessness on the rise as affordable housing has become scare. Job opportunities and business growth are a challenge for District 6 residents as well as the city.  For her area, residents are increasingly frustrated with blight and garbage in the Flatlands of East Oakland, as well as living in a food and retail desert. Marlo will work hard for positive outcomes for the safety, health and economic empowerment of residents in her district.

Marlo is running a Grassroots campaign to “Bring Out the Best in Oakland”. Please support her efforts, as she could become the very first Filipina on the Oakland City Council!